Events INSIDER: Jan 27 – Feb 4, 2014

Giveaways & Features
Win / Review: HAIRSPRAY, The Broadway Musical
Enter to win a pair of tickets to ‘Hairspray’! Message to win! ‘Hairspray’ is a fantastic musical about a big-boned girl with bigger dreams in the 1950s. This is quite the iconic show, too. The film versions transcend time and place and culture and even gender (with Jon Waters and John Travolta playing a woman in each of the films), via music, dance, and progressive thought – keep an eye our for our review Tuesday. Win / Review: HAIRSPRAY, The Broadway MusicalWheelock Family Theatre, 200 The Riverway, Boston, MA, .
Win / Review: ‘Handicapping’ by James McLindon
Win tickets to Fresh Ink Theatre’s ‘Handicapping’! E-mail to win, and keep an eye out for our review, too! Win / Review: 'Handicapping' by James McLindonThe Factory Theatre Boston, MA, .
Win: Meridian Belly Dance Ballet
Enter to win one of two pairs of tickets to the Belly Dance Ballet, which I imagine combines ballet with bare mid-drifts and castinets! I can only hope. E-mail to win tickets to the 2/1 show! Win: Meridian Belly Dance BalletThe Armory Somerville, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
Science on Screen: KING KONG
Head to Brookline for a screening of the classic ‘King Kong’ with its incredible stop-motion special effects. It’s great! Science on Screen: KING KONGCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Snow Quidditch!
Work hard / play hard’ is in full effect at MIT this January, as they play Quidditch, which is a game from little known series of fantasy novels, in the snow. Unless there’s no snow. Then it will just be Quidditch…on the ground. 2-4pm. Snow Quidditch!MIT Kresge Oval Cambridge, MA, .
Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade and Awards
Dame Helen Mirren is the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year! Get in your ‘lorry’ and ‘sojourn’ to Harvard Square at 2:30pm to ‘fancy’ over her as she leads the famous parade around 2:30pm. The Tasty Pudding is a…weird Boston tradition, but it’s always a great time and the highlights almost always go viral. Side note: How does one get the title ‘dame’? I’m stuck with ‘Hey get off my lawn’. Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade and AwardsFarkas Hall Cambridge, MA, .
Computer Chess
Hey it’s a free screening of the ‘Computer Chess’ movie! It’s about the first time a computer took on a human in Chess. It’s a great nostalgia trip and great for geeks, not to mention this movie pinpoints the exact time when the machines decided to rise and take over. 7pm. Computer ChessSuffolk Theatres Boston, MA, .
Harvard Model United Nations
The model UN is a serious attempt to discuss politics as though meeting at the United Nations in New York. These students really take it seriously. And I’m not really sure if you can just stroll in as a member of the public and check it out., but I would think so and these kind of organizations love casual onlookers. Harvard Model United NationsSheraton Boston Hotel Boston, MA, .
Harry Potter Trivia Challenge
If you love Harry Potter way too much and you can find MIT room 8-119, you’re most likely good to attend this student celebration of Quidditch! 4-7pm. 2014: 5-8pm. Harry Potter Trivia ChallengeMIT Room 8-119 Cambridge, MA, .
Some Like it Hot Chili Cook-off
There’s a chili cook off at Harvard Square mentioned the day before the Superbowl. It’s an outdoor chili competition. Details are few, but it’s free and presumably you get to eat chili. And they’ll have live music. 1-3pm. Some Like it Hot Chili Cook-offPlaza Cambridge, MA, .
Everybody’s Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story
Jackie Robinson’s story is fascinating and world changing, and was told wonderfully in ‘Ken Burns: Baseball’. This is a play (with music) about his life, struggles, accomplishments, and legacy, just in time for Black History Month. 7:30pm. Everybody's Hero: The Jackie Robinson StoryHibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street, Suite 102 Roxbury, MA, .
Tewksbury Library Astronomy Club night
Want to gander into the final frontier but you’re unsure how? Confused by telescopes and how to find the North Star? The ‘Tewksbury Library Astronomy Club Night’ will point you in the right direction (Literally) and more, 2/4 7-8pm. Tewksbury Library Astronomy Club nightTewksbury Public Library, 300 Chandler Street, Tewksbury, MA, .
Chelmsford Winterfest
Yupp, it’s still winter and there’s a lot of skiing and snow sculptures to be made at Chemsford before spring arrives. 1-4pm. Chelmsford WinterfestDowntown Chelmsford Chelmsford, MA, .
Maine Winter Special Olympics
Sugarloaf Mountain hosts Maine’s Winter Special Olympics, fostering the ideals of teamwork, individual betterment, and pride in one’s performance that team and individual sports too, for kids who may not be able to engage in those activities otherwise. This is something special, a great cause, and if you have kids, or know kids, or have friends with special needs, check this out 1/16-1/28. Maine Winter Special OlympicsSugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Acton Winter Carnival
This one’s in Acton, with a cardboard sled race, human sled dog race, snowball toss, model rocket launches, snowball toss competition, and a lot more – this is perfect for kids who hate to ‘look’ and love to ‘do’ when it comes to wintertime festivities. 12-4pm. Acton Winter CarnivalNara Park Acton, MA, .
Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival
Do you dare to climb a waterfall of ice? I don’t! So prove you’re brave at this festival and take on other adventures that all sound insane. Plus they’ll have open drytooling. (What is open drytooling?!). Mount Washington Valley Ice FestivalInternational Mountain Climbing School North Conway, NH, .
Dogsled Sprint & Skijor
Here’s the oldest continuously running dogsled race in the Northeast, taking place in Tamworth, NH, with prizes of 500, 1000, and 3000 dollars. Race starts at 9am. Dogsled Sprint & SkijorChocorua Lake Tamworth, NH, .
Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year is festive as heck! There’s lion dances, traditional foods, exhibits, and a screening of a flick that was shot almost entirely in China Town. This is an all day event. Clear your schedules! 10am-4pm. Lunar New YearPeabody Essex Museum Salem, MA, .
North Shore CDC Polar Plunge
In Salem and Beverly, insane people dive into the water on Super Bowl Sunday for charity! Then, they party. 12:30pm, but arrive early if you want to registrer and go in. North Shore CDC Polar PlungeWinter Island/Waikiki Beach Salem, MA, .
Greenfield Winter Carnival
Further out along Route 2 in Western Massachusetts, Greenfield has a festival, too. Make a cardboard sled and race. Fireworks, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice bowling(!!), snow volleyball, a tug o’ war, and a snowman competition with an entire snow village. Wow! Greenfield Winter CarnivalDowntown Greenfield Greenfield, MA, .
MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)
The school that never sleeps, MIT, holds a month of creative classes, lectures, and special events. Almost all of these are just for the MIT community or fully registered by now (I checked), but click through to see if anything is available that might catch your fancy! MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
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Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2014 New England Guide All Over, , .
Also Fun
Let the Public Play
Opening Reception: Monday, January 27, 2014, 6-8pm. Let the Public PlayCAC Gallery, City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA, .
Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MIT
MIT hosts a film festival focused on citizens being watched by their governments. It begins with the great ‘Minority Report’ , includes ‘Rear Window’, ‘Enemy of The State’ and ends with a documentary on the ‘Anonymous’ hacking group, all with post-film discussion and light snacks! Free, too! Check it out! Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MITMIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Trash Can Drumming
Banging on a Trashcan’ is not just for Nickelodeon’s ‘Doug’ anymore, as a special performance / workshop for aspiring trashcan drummers comes to MIT. Class starts at 7pm. Trash Can DrummingMIT W20 Basement Conference Room (W20-027) Cambridge, MA, .
Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet Showplace
Puppets don’t get enough love. They’re not just for kids, you know! This intro class for adults will teach you how to make your very own moving-mouth puppet with rod arms, like the ones on the Muppet Show, just in time for the new Muppet movie! 2014:Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet ShowplaceThe Puppet Showplace Theatre Brookline, MA, .
An entire art exhibit based on things smashing into other things, with a techno-twist? Beam me up Scotty! Cyber Arts exhibits are always wild – hell, one time they used electricity to turn plankton colors. Plankton! 6-9pm. COLLISION20:bilocateBoston Cyberarts Gallery, 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, .
Film Screening: Academy Award Nominated, ’20 Feet From Stardom’
Watch egomaniacs like Mick Jagger and Sting actually praise other people in the screening of the Academy Award nominated documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, which explores the fascinating world of being a backup singer. 7pm. Film Screening: Academy Award Nominated, '20 Feet From Stardom'Berklee Performance Center, 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA, .
Onto Objects: Performances by Patty Chang & Jeffrey Gibson
This is…interesting, as performance artists Patty Chang and Jeffery Gibson talk to, and talk for, various historical items at Boston’s MFA. This is about as weird (and frankly kinda cool) as you’d think. One day only, check it out. 7pm. Onto Objects: Performances by Patty Chang & Jeffrey GibsonMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, .
Food on Film Presents: Symphony of the Soil
Okay, so bare with me. ‘Symphony of the Soil is about…Dirt. BUT it looks fascinating! There are a bevy of things we can learn from soil! AND there’s soil-related workshops 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the film. Great for kids! 7-9:30pm. Food on Film Presents: Symphony of the SoilThe Museum of Science Boston, MA, .
Boston Beanpot Hockey 2014
February 3rd and 10th, Boston’s coolest hockey tradition continues, the beanpot hockey tournament! Check it out and see the best and brightest players of Hockey in New England. Boston Beanpot Hockey 2014TD Bank North Garden Boston, MA, .
Philomena – Oscar Nominated Film
The Oscar Nominated and little seen in America film, ‘Philomena’ comes to the Landmark Theatre. I have no idea what it’s about, but everyone else says it’s good. Showtimes are all week long. Philomena - Oscar Nominated FilmLandmark Theatre 1 Kendall Sq Cambridge, MA, .
Oscar Nominated Short Films at Landmark Theatre
This Friday the Oscar nominated short films (Live action and animated) will be shown at the Landmark Theatre. Time is currently up in the air, so call for tickets! This is a great tradition Landmark does across the counter. Oscar Nominated Short Films at Landmark TheatreLandmark Theatre 1 Kendall Sq Cambridge, MA, .
Owl Festival : Owl Prowl for Families
Another great idea is a guided night hike to see owls in their natural habitat. What a hoot! 4:15-5:30pm. Owl Festival : Owl Prowl for FamiliesBroadmoor Sanctuary Natick, MA, .
Snowshoe Tours at the DeCordova Museum
The DeCordova, my favorite museum in New England, is giving a snoeshow tour. You get a lesson by a trained Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) instructor. Make reservations in advance! Snowshoe Tours at the DeCordova MuseumdeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, 51 Sandy Pond Rd Lincoln, MA, .
Groundhog Day at Drumlin Farm
Lean about tracking animals in the snow via an expert as part of a Groundhog Day celebration at Drumlin Farm! This looks really fun for folks who like nature, but find just walking about it a little passe. 2-4:45pm. Groundhog Day at Drumlin FarmDrumlin Farm Lincoln, MA, .
Winter Wine Spectacular
I’m not a drinker, but the numbers here are astounding. There’s over 1500 wines at this 1/30 event, and dozens of gourmet foods! Pay an extra 60ish dollars to get access to the super premium stuff. If this is your thing, this is the BEST thing of that thing I’ve ever seen. 6- 9pm. Winter Wine SpectacularRadisson Hotel, 700 Elm St, Manchester, NH, .
Colebrook Winter Carnival
Colebrook’s winter carnival has a bit of an old-fashioned feel, with cribbage and bocce tournaments and boxcar racing for kids – great for folks who like to do things versus look at stuff, at these sorts of events. Colebrook Winter CarnivalColebrook Country Club & the North Country Community Recreation Center Colebrook, NH, .
Phillips Favorites: Winter Weekend
Peer into the lives of the Phillips Family via film clips and items not normally on exhibit, 2/1. Who is the Phillips family? No idea. I guess this would be a good way to find out, though. 2-3pm. Phillips Favorites: Winter WeekendPhillips House Salem, MA, .
Dance Notation: Sutton Movement Writing and Shorthand Workshop
This is interesting! A workshop for dancers who want to learn the various short-hand terms for dance moves, so they can more easily communicate in written form, about routines, cheorography, and more! If you’re a dancer…or want to meet dancers, check it out! 11am. Dance Notation: Sutton Movement Writing and Shorthand WorkshopDance Studio – O’Keefe Sports Complex, 225 Canal St., Salem, MA, .
Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Nothing to do? How about the zoo? Roger Williams Park offers half price admission January through February thanks to its ‘Winter Wonderdays’ promotion. Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
‘Souper’ Bowl Saturday
You had me at the pun, ‘Souper Bowl Saturday’. Head to Plymouth the day before the big game to sample give gourmet soups, partake in warm bread, and chat about them dastardly Broncos and boiterous Seahawks. Only $5 dollars, too! 12-2pm. 'Souper' Bowl SaturdayThe Market, 55 Clubhouse Dr, Plymouth, MA, .
Drowned Hog Weekend
Of all the ‘insane people jumping into the winter ocean for charity’ events, this one wins the prize for best sense of humor. ‘Wet suits are allowed ONLY if the wearer also wears a tutu and a tiara.’ – well gosh what more could you want? 11am. Drowned Hog WeekendNantasket Beach, 45 Hull Shore Dr, Hull, MA, .
Antique Sleigh Rally
My parents would love this – An antique Sleigh Rally in at Old Strurbridge Village with over 20 horse-drawn antique sleighs! There’s also free dance lessons, and make stationary the old-fashioned way. 9am-4pm. Antique Sleigh RallyOld Sturbridge Village Sturbridge, MA, .
Dinner in a Country Village
Oh goodness, I’ve had dinner at Old Sturbridge Village once and I ATE LIKE A KING, and that wasn’t even for an event. Rest assured, this dinner with potted cheese, fricasseed chicken, hot slaw, stewed pears, and mulled Cider, that will fill you up to your tippy top, and you’ll still want more! 5-9pm. Dinner in a Country VillageOld Sturbridge Village Sturbridge, MA, .
Revels Pub Sing #1 at The Skellig
Probably tired of some jerk playing ‘American Pie’ on the jukebox at their favorite pubs, the various members of Boston’s ‘Revels’ troupe took to singing in pubs, downing brews, and making merry! The first of these rowdy events takes place at the Skellig in Waltham! Revels Pub Sing #1 at The SkelligThe Skellig Waltham, MA, .
Review: The Shatterer of Worlds
This is wild and haunting and crazy and puppety and…I have to admit I don’t think I’m smart enough to fully understand what this is about from the synopsis I read. Very strange, but interesting – and there’s definately nothing else like it. You can check it out for yourself, too! Review: The Shatterer of WorldsCyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), 539 Tremont St., South End, Boston, MA, .
Hairspray’ at Wheelock College
Hairspray’ is a fantastic musical about a big-boned girl with bigger dreams in the 1950s. This is quite the iconic show, too. The film versions transcend time and place and culture and even gender (with Jon Waters and John Travolta playing a woman in each of the films), via music, dance, and progressive thought. Hairspray' at Wheelock College Boston, MA, .
Review: Working: A Musical
Check out our review of ‘Working: The Musical’ from the lyric stage! Review: Working: A MusicalThe Lyric Stage, 140 Clarendon Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA, .
Review: Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur’ is one of those subversive plays that mix the actual ‘play’ with the production aspects for some fourth-wall-breaking goodness. This one has quite the legacy, too, with the film adaptation being directed by controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski it starts 1/9, and we’ll have a review you can check out 1/14! Review: Venus in FurHuntington Theatre Company, 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, .
Review: The Devil’s Music: The Life and Times of Bessie Smith
An intimate show featuring blues and Bessie Smith, who tells the tale of her life through music, monologue, and audience interaction. Check out our review, and it’s not too late to enter to win tickets, either! E-mail to win! Review: The Devil's Music: The Life and Times of Bessie SmithMRT Theatre Lowell, MA, .
Review: The Color Purple
The tour-de-force drama comes to the Speak Easy Stage, keep an eye out for our review. Review: The Color PurpleSpeakEasy Stage Company, 539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, .
Review: Insignificance
Marilyn Monroe meets Einstein meets Joe DiMaggio, meets…John F. Kennedy(?!) in this comedy about our oft-spinning moral compass. Check out our review! Review: Insignificance Cambridge, MA, .
‘The Whipping Man’ at Arsenal Center for the Arts
‘The Whipping Man’ juxtaposes Passover with Civil War era drama to great effect. This intelligent and likely heartbreaking play comes to The New Rep 1/25 – 2/16. 'The Whipping Man' at Arsenal Center for the ArtsArsenal Center for the Arts Watertown, MA, .
Breaking Ground Festival of New Plays
Huntington Theatre highlights a variety of new plays and playwrights from 1/30 to 2/2! See one of the five plays, or all of them! They’re certain to entertain, enthrall, or at the worst, annoy! Breaking Ground Festival of New PlaysCalderwood Pavilion at the BCA, 527 Tremont St, Boston, MA, .
Mathematics Department Music Recital
How bad could it be? Math geeks sing and play. But will there be musical….numbers?? Eh? Eh?! I’ll see myself out. 2-4pm. Mathematics Department Music RecitalKillian Recital Hall at MIT Cambridge, MA, .
‘Two Wrongs’ at Brown Box Theatre
‘Two Wrongs’ is ribald play featuring therapy, hilarity, and chaos! It’s fast paced too, so expect witty banter. Perhaps the wittiest. Yes. Most witty. 'Two Wrongs' at Brown Box TheatreAtlantic Wharf, 290 Congress St., Boston, MA, .
‘Jersey Boys’ at the Factory Theatre
‘Jersey Boys’ comes to Worcester’s Hanover Theatre, bringing with it ‘Four Seasons’ worth of entertainment, as the play traces the incredible story of Frankie Valli and his cohorts from blue collar origins in ‘Jersey to international pop music sensations. 'Jersey Boys' at the Factory TheatreThe Hanover Theatre Worcester, MA, .
Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage’
Take a wonderful tour of historical props, costumes, and various set pieces from 50 years of Hartford’s legendary theatrical run. Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage'Hartford Stage Hartford, CT, .
EagleWatch Season & Winter Boat Cruises
Take a scenic cruise in Essex, CT with an eye toward spotting American bald eagles. the $40 admission includes access to the museum’s exhibits, too! 10am. EagleWatch Season & Winter Boat CruisesConnecticut River Museum, 67 Main Street, Essex, CT, .
Big Y Kids Fair
The ‘Big Y Kids Fair’ is like a home show, or RV show, or Boat show…but for Kids. So expect to hear ‘I want it, I want it’ about 5000 times if you partake in this event. But it’ll probably be worth it, cause there’s TONS of cool stuff to do here, and prizes! 10am-5pm. Big Y Kids FairConnecticut Convention Center Hartford, CT, .
Winter Fun Week
Mansfield, CT has a week’s worth of winter festivities including family board game night, a diving competition, a puppet slam, and so much more. I’d go! Bring a puppet! Winter Fun Weekdowntown Mansfield Mansfield, CT, .
Torchlight Parade and Fireworks
To cap off a special day at Maine’s Special Olympics, there’s a parade, and various torch-light related boomers. What a great way to celebrate a great event for a great cause! 8pm. Torchlight Parade and FireworksSugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Portland on Ice
While it’s mostly live music, we’ll take what we can get in winter in Maine. So try this week long festival! Portland on IceDowntown Portland Portland, ME, .
Winter Carnival and Ice Fishing Derby
Win over a thousand dollars at Lake George’s annual ice fishing derby, with a side of ‘Stew Cook’ing, Disc Golf, Sled Race, 2/1 5am start. Winter Carnival and Ice Fishing DerbyLake George Regional Park, 10 Main St, Canaan, ME, .
Kennebunk WinterFest
A scavenger hunt, horse drawn wagon rides, ice skating, and a soup contest. What’s not to like? Some of the soup I guess, if you’re not a big soup person or whatever. Kennebunk WinterFest Kennebunk, ME, .
Pine Tree Ride-In Snowmobile Parade
The highlight of Newport, ME’s ‘Snowmobile Ride-in’ is the stunt show! There’s flips and tricks and all sorts of death-defying feats on display. I hope there’s a flaming hoop. Those are exciting! Pine Tree Ride-In Snowmobile ParadePine Tree Camp, 114 Pine Tree Camp Rd, Newport, ME, .
Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog Race
Not so much ‘Fast and Furious’ as ‘Cute and furriest’ but this sled dog race in Greenville, ME looks to be adorable and high stakes, with over 20 competitors and a big prize for winners! 9am. Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog RaceLeisure Life Resort, 33 Leisure Life Rd, Greenville, ME, .
Camden WinterFest
Ice skating, ice sculptures, ice carvings, snowmen, ‘hot’ food, and all the other winter fest fixins’ come to Camden, Maine 2/1. Camden WinterFestBok Amphitheather and Harbor Park, Atlantic Avenue Camden, ME, .
100 Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Race
A hundred mile dogsled race. Wow! That’s both intense and probably really tricky to watch! That said, this free 2/1 event looks great. There’s also a 30 mile one, too. 9am start. 100 Mile Wilderness Sled Dog RaceLeisure Life Resort, Lily Bay Road, Greenville, ME, .
Pond Hockey Festival
More pond hockey, this time in Rangeley, ME. Watch several teams compete on various ponds for various prizes and varying amounts of glory. Try and keep track of the puck the entire time. I bet you can’t! 2014:. Pond Hockey FestivalHaley Pond Rangeley, ME, .
Campfire Dining
How creative! Restaurants in Eastman, New London, Newport, Hanover, and Lebanon bring food samples to 6-8 outdoor bonfires, and you follow the tiki torches to each via snowshoe or cross-country skiing. It’s just a 2-hour drive from Boston and provides hours upon hours of delicious delights. 11am-1pm. Campfire DiningEastman Cross Country Grantham, NH, .
New England Pond Hockey Classic
New England’s ‘Pond Hockey Classic’ comes to Meredith, NH. Watch a bunch of teams compete for hat tricks, pride, and glory during this outdoor sporting event. New England Pond Hockey ClassicAll Over Meredith New Hampshire Meredith, NH, .
Winter Carnival Snowshoe Orienteering Challenge
An Orienteering challenge?! You mean there’s things to do while snowshoeing OTHER than walk around and look at stuff? I’m There! This is like a scavenger hunt meets navigational challenge, as you need to reach specific points in Newport’s forest the fastest. 1pm. Winter Carnival Snowshoe Orienteering ChallengeNewport High School, Newport, NH, .
Providence Boat Show
Rhode Island is having a boat show in the middle of winter! Check it out, re-enact scenes from Titanic, Jaws, and that Lonely Island song, and maybe even buy one! Providence Boat ShowRhode Island Convention Center Providence, RI, .
Rachel Ries performs at Brandon Music
I’m not sure what ‘Prairie swing and city folk’ sounds like, but I bet it’s serene as all get-out, and the lovely and talented Rachel Ries’ will warm your heart, and maybe tap your toes, 2/1. 7:30 pm. Rachel Ries performs at Brandon Music Brandon, VT, .
Burlington Winter Festival
Woah! Look at that snow sculpture! Burlington’s Winter Fest has a strong emphasis on snow sculpturing, and the results are always dazzling. There’s also arts and crafts, food, and special museum admission prices. Burlington Winter FestivalAll Over Burlington Town Burlington, VT, .
Craftsbury Ski Marathon
You can read the rules of Craftsbury’s Marathon in French! Oui! This is actually a SKI marathon, where skiiers ski 25k or 50k. With around a thousand entrants, this looks to be QUITE the spectacle. 9am. Craftsbury Ski MarathonCraftsbury Outdoor Center, 535 Lost Nation Rd., Craftsbury, VT, .
North Bennington Winterfest & Penguin Plunge
Bennington Vermont’s winter fest has a ‘Penguin Plunge’ which is…So cold. So…very…cold. Then again I imagine the half second between jumping and being in the water is nice, kinda like flying. The website is being a little weird, so call ahead, but the plunge is at 8am 1/31! North Bennington Winterfest & Penguin PlungeLake Paran Boat Launch Bennington, VT, .
Skate The Kingdom
What is Skate the Kingdom? A power metal band from the great white north? Probably! But in this case it appears to be a popular speed-skating race in Newport, VT. 9am. Skate The KingdomLake Memphremagog, Prouty Beach, Newport, VT, .
Winter Trails Festival
Waterbury Center hosts its own winter festival 2/1, with crafts, live music, massages (?), snowflake making, skiing, and face painting. Plus Waterbury sounds like an old timey rural town where pigs talk to spiders and Don Knotts is there for some reason. 8am-5pm. Winter Trails FestivalGMC Welcome Center, 4711 Rt 100, Waterbury Center, VT, .
Fight For Air: Climb
While you’re in Vermont, how about joining a race that’s vertical! You go up and down and up and down a town monument. It’s all for charity and your upper body strength. Fight For Air: ClimbOne Boston Place Boston, MA, .