Events INSIDER: Jan 21-28, 2014

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Win / Review: The Shatterer of Worlds
This is wild and haunting and crazy and puppety and…I have to admit I don’t think I’m smart enough to fully understand what this is about from the synopsis I read. Very strange, but interesting – and there’s definately nothing else like it. You can check it out for yourself, too! We have tickets to give away! Email to win, and keep an eye out for our review going up this week! Win / Review: The Shatterer of WorldsCyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), 539 Tremont St., South End, Boston, MA, .
Win: ‘Hairspray’ at Wheelock College
Enter to win tickets to ‘Hairspray’ at Wheelock college! Message to win! ‘Hairspray’ is a fantastic musical about a big-boned girl with bigger dreams in the 1950s. This is quite the iconic show, too. The film versions transcend time and place and culture and even gender (with Jon Waters and John Travolta playing a woman in each of the films), via music, dance, and progressive thought. Win: 'Hairspray' at Wheelock College Boston, MA, .
Win: ‘Making Comic Sense’ with Jimmy Tingle
Win tickets to the reflective, funny, and very popular in the New England area comic Jimmy Tingle’s 1/25 show! E-mail to win tickets to the. Win: 'Making Comic Sense' with Jimmy TingleThe Regent Theatre Arlington, MA, .
Win: Talk Nerdy To Me 3.5
Nerdlesque is exactly what you think it is. Awesome. This two night only show takes your favorite elemtns of nerd culture: Star Trek, Star Wars, the Settlers of Catan, Lan Parties, and mashes them up with sexy sexy ladies taking their clothes off – it’s more than that, but that’s the basic idea. I always end up staring at the floor and blushing when at these sort of events, but that’s just me. ALSO we have a pair of tickets to the January 26th and January 30th shows! e-mail to win! Win: Talk Nerdy To Me 3.5The OBERON 2 Arrow Street Cambridge, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
International Folk Dancing for Everyone
MIT has a folk dancing club. You read that right. The smartest people in the country also have coordination, AND dancing talent. Meanwhile I still trip myself up on the ‘Eyyyy Marcarina!’ part of the…well you know the song. Yeesh, some people have all the luck. 8pm. International Folk Dancing for EveryoneStratton Student Center, Building W20 Cambridge, MA, .
Snow Quidditch!
Work hard / play hard’ is in full effect at MIT this January, as they play Quidditch, which is a game from little known series of fantasy novels, in the snow. Unless there’s no snow. Then it will just be Quidditch…on the ground. 2-4pm. Snow Quidditch!MIT Kresge Oval Cambridge, MA, .
Lego’s: The Brick Factor – Master Model Builder Competition
American Idol meets Legos at Boston’s Public Library! ‘Brick Factor’ is a competition to find the best of the best brick builders, with the winner landing an actual job, with an actual salary, for Lego, to build Lego sculptures professionally. Talk about high stakes. Check this one out *for sure*. 1/25 to 10am-5pm, 1/26 1pm-3pm. Lego's: The Brick Factor - Master Model Builder CompetitionBoston Public Library Boston, MA, .
MIT Science Fiction Marathon
The MIT kids are watching Sci-Fi flicks from 7pm ’til the wee hours of the morning, including Aliens, Pacific Rim, And..oh my god, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the movie! GREAT for second shifters like myself. 8 bucks, 5 bucks after Pacific Rim. MIT Science Fiction MarathonMIT 26-100 Cambridge, MA, .
Science on Screen: KING KONG
Head to Brookline for a screening of the classic ‘King Kong’ with its incredible stop-motion special effects. It’s great! Science on Screen: KING KONGCoolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Fire and Ice in Fay Park @ Community Bonfire
Think you’re a master-level snowman (or woman, or dog, or mustang) builder? Head to Littleton, MA for a snow sculpture competition, with prizes for best snow man *and* best snow sculpture – this conest is running until March, so plan ahead. Fire and Ice in Fay Park @ Community BonfireFay Park, Littleton Common Littleton, MA, .
Maine Winter Special Olympics
Sugarloaf Mountain hosts Maine’s Winter Special Olympics, fostering the ideals of teamwork, individual betterment, and pride in one’s performance that team and individual sports too, for kids who may not be able to engage in those activities otherwise. This is something special, a great cause, and if you have kids, or know kids, or have friends with special needs, check this out 1/16-1/28. Maine Winter Special OlympicsSugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Revels Pub Sing #1 at The Skellig
Probably tired of some jerk playing ‘American Pie’ on the jukebox at their favorite pubs, the various members of Boston’s ‘Revels’ troupe took to singing in pubs, downing brews, and making merry! The first of these rowdy events takes place at the Skellig in Waltham! Revels Pub Sing #1 at The SkelligThe Skellig Waltham, MA, .
Moonlit Snowshoe Tour
No flashlights! An AMC Naturalist helps you find your way through the trails with only the full moon for light. That’s either terrifying or enthralling. Maybe a bit of both! January 18, February 15, February 22* and March 8. 7pm. Moonlit Snowshoe TourRoute 16, Pinkham Notch Jackson, NH, .
Snow Sculpting Competition
Who knew there was such thing as a professional snow sculpter? Watch them at work or try it out yourself. Amateurs welcome. Each day has a different location. Snow Sculpting CompetitionBlack Mountain, Black Mountain Road Jackson, NH, .
Pocket Tech
Head to the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA, and learn about that fantastically amazing computer in your pocket known as your cell phone, with exhibits and hands-on demonstrations. 2-4:30pm. Pocket TechThe Science Discovery Museum Acton, MA, .
Amherst Railway Society – Big Railroad Hobby Show
Wayyyyy out west in Springfield is a massive model train show. They hook together dozens of privately built tracks to create one huge railroad track system, sort of like the transcontinental railroad of model trains. Amherst Railway Society - Big Railroad Hobby ShowEastern States Exposition Springfield, MA, .
Camp Sunshine Polar Plunge
People will dive into cold water to raise money for charity at Wachusett Mountain. Insanity. Can I just write a check? Register at 11am, plunge at 1pm, so you have two hours to think about your poor choices in life. 1-3pm. Camp Sunshine Polar PlungeWachusett Mountain Princeton, MA, .
MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)
The school that never sleeps, MIT, holds a month of creative classes, lectures, and special events. Almost all of these are just for the MIT community or fully registered by now (I checked), but click through to see if anything is available that might catch your fancy! MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
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Hey! I’ve split my Twitter feed into 17 regions so that you can REALLY get just the events close to home, or pick what you like. Please check it out and add me to a ‘Twitter list’ too (google it). Find 16 New England Regions on Twitter All Over, , .
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Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2014 New England Guide All Over, , .
Also Fun
Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MIT
MIT hosts a film festival focused on citizens being watched by their governments. It begins with the great ‘Minority Report’ , includes ‘Rear Window’, ‘Enemy of The State’ and ends with a documentary on the ‘Anonymous’ hacking group, all with post-film discussion and light snacks! Free, too! Check it out! Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MITMIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Trash Can Drumming
Banging on a Trashcan’ is not just for Nickelodeon’s ‘Doug’ anymore, as a special performance / workshop for aspiring trashcan drummers comes to MIT. Class starts at 7pm. Trash Can DrummingMIT W20 Basement Conference Room (W20-027) Cambridge, MA, .
Ice Skating via MIT
Head to Johnson Ice Rink to get your ice skating fix. Even better this event will teach you how to perform various jumps, twirls, spins, and all that other stuff people far more flexible than I do. It’s free, too! 9:30-10:45am. Ice Skating via MITMIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Audio/Visual: Visual Art about Sound and Music
A series of visual art pieces about sound and music? The late Lou Reed would be proud. This event strives to convey the emotion and genre of music through various visual mediums. Certainly worth a look as long as you promise to not shout out ‘Draw Freebird! Draw Freebird!’ to the live DJ. OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 7@10pm. Audio/Visual: Visual Art about Sound and MusicWashington Street Art, 321D Washington Street, Somerville, MA, .
An entire art exhibit based on things smashing into other things, with a techno-twist? Beam me up Scotty! Cyber Arts exhibits are always wild – hell, one time they used electricity to turn plankton colors. Plankton! 6-9pm. COLLISION20:bilocateBoston Cyberarts Gallery, 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, .
Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet Showplace
Puppets don’t get enough love. They’re not just for kids, you know! This intro class for adults will teach you how to make your very own moving-mouth puppet with rod arms, like the ones on the Muppet Show, just in time for the new Muppet movie! 2014:Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet ShowplaceThe Puppet Showplace Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Triple Threat writer, actor, and singer Brian Stokes Mitchell comes to Boston! Cambridge specifically! 8pm. Brian Stokes MitchellSanders Theatre, 45 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA, .
Taste of Chocolate Festival
A Chocolate festival with over a dozen vendors, live music, and Boston’s Museum of Natural History will have a selection of rare, edible, plants! This looks wonderful! Especially since there’s stuff for folks who aren’t super crazy about chocolate. I’m more of a savory, chippy, saucey, kind of person – you are what you eat, after all. 1-2pm. Taste of Chocolate FestivalHarvard Square Cambridge, MA, .
A Party for Prevention: Lesbians & Friends Dance
A ‘Party for Prevention’ with a silent auction, hors d’oeuvres, and someone named DJ Jodi, all for a great cause – preventing Breast Cancer. $40, $45 at door 8:30pm-12:30am. A Party for Prevention: Lesbians & Friends DanceHoliday Inn Boston Brookline, 1200 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, .
The Boston Home Show
The Boston Home show is like IKEA on steroids. So many decors, styles, trinkets, and innovations, all in one place. If you’re desperate to keep up with the Joneses, consider this opposition research! The Boston Home ShowCruiseport Boston South Boston, MA, .
Let the Public Play
Opening Reception: Monday, January 27, 2014, 6-8pm. Let the Public PlayCAC Gallery, City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA, .
Blizzard Blast Race
Tough Mudder’ in the snow, so…’Tough…I can’t think of a pun. Anyhoot, this 79 dollar obstacle course offers a bevy of things to run over, under, and through, and offers prizes for the top finishers. Feel the burn in the chilly winter! 9am. Blizzard Blast RaceFour Oaks Country Club Dracut, MA, .
Annual Ice Harvest
Another Ice Harvest, this one in Sudbury, MA. Again, these are quite the spectacle, especially when you consider the fact that before we had electrical refridgeration, this was the only game in town for those folks who wanted icey cold drinks! 11am-3pm. Annual Ice HarvestLongfellow’s Wayside Inn Sudbury, MA, .
Moonlit Snowshoe Tours
No flashlights! An AMC Naturalist helps you find your way through the trails with only the full moon for light. That’s either terrifying or enthralling. Maybe a bit of both! January 18, February 15, February 22* and March 8. 7pm. Moonlit Snowshoe ToursGreat Glen Trails, Route 16, Pinkham Notch Gorham, NH, .
Ice Day
In the old-timey days, before refrigeration, they used to cut out blocks of ice and try to store them through the summer! In this free event you can watch ’em do it via gas powered chainsaw. From there they are slid across the ice into a giant store house, if my 7th grade science teacher is to be believed! It’s also preceded by a pancake breakfast! 9am-2pm. Rain date 7 days later. Ice DayKezar Lake’s Horse Beach North Sutton, NH, .
Phillips Favorites: Winter Wonderland Walking Tour
Ahh, a ‘Winter Wonderland’ walking tour highlighting Salem’s bevy of historical architecture. The admission comes with cocoa! 2-3pm. Phillips Favorites: Winter Wonderland Walking TourPhillips House Salem, MA, .
Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands Museum
The Fruitlands museum, Candy land’s healthier, slimmer, cousin, has a slope called the ‘OMG Hill’ during its Winterfest festival! I mean, it’s not really a ‘festival’ if it lasts 6 weeks, but they’ll have bonfires, sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing, Saturdays & Sundays, from 11am-4pm. It would be a good idea to call ahead, since there may be last-minute cancellations due to the weather. Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands MuseumFruitlands Museum Harvard, MA, .
Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Nothing to do? How about the zoo? Roger Williams Park offers half price admission January through February thanks to its ‘Winter Wonderdays’ promotion. Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
Free Community Skating Party
In Norton, the skating will be free, and they’ll hand out hot cocoa that’s also free! Yum! 2-4pm. Free Community Skating Party Norton, MA, .
Flora in Winter 2014
From January 23rd to the 26th, head to Worcester to see Flowers paired with works of art. Professional florists create various arrangements and pair them with the historical paintings in Worcester’s art museum. This is like the waffles and pancakes of the visual expression world – a delightful, but unexpected combination. Flora in Winter 2014Worcester Art Museum Worcester, MA, .
Worcester Auto Show
Worcester is having its own Auto Show from Jan 24-26th! With shiny new cars, trucks, *and* they snuck in snowmobiles and motorcycles too. Go, take a gander, and fantasize about all the fancy cars you will probably never, ever, own. Worcester Auto ShowDCU Center, 50 Foster St., Worcester, MA, .
Review: Working: A Musical
Check out our review of ‘Working: The Musical’ from the lyric stage! Review: Working: A MusicalThe Lyric Stage, 140 Clarendon Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA, .
Review: Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur’ is one of those subversive plays that mix the actual ‘play’ with the production aspects for some fourth-wall-breaking goodness. This one has quite the legacy, too, with the film adaptation being directed by controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski it starts 1/9, and we’ll have a review you can check out 1/14! Review: Venus in FurHuntington Theatre Company, 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, .
Review: Insignificance
Marilyn Monroe meets Einstein meets Joe DiMaggio, meets…John F. Kennedy(?!) in this comedy about our oft-spinning moral compass. Check out our review! Review: Insignificance Cambridge, MA, .
Review: The Color Purple
The tour-de-force drama comes to the Speak Easy Stage, keep an eye out for our review. Review: The Color PurpleSpeakEasy Stage Company, 539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, .
Review: The Haberdasher! A Tale of Derring-Do
A slap-dash tale of Derring-Do in Boston! There’s swordfighting and cross-dressing! I mean, come on, what more could you want from your
play?! Check out our review, too! Review: The Haberdasher! A Tale of Derring-DoBoston Playwrights’ Theatre Boston, MA, .
Review: Imagining Madoff
They say the best supervillians are the ones you’re able to identify with, just a bit. This play poses the question of whether or not even the most evil of men, have souls worth saving. Check out our review, too! Review: Imagining MadoffArsenal Center for the Arts Watertown, MA, .
Review: The Devil’s Music: The Life and Times of Bessie Smith
An intimate show featuring blues and Bessie Smith, who tells the tale of her life through music, monologue, and audience interaction. Check out our review, and it’s not too late to enter to win tickets, either! E-mail to win! Review: The Devil's Music: The Life and Times of Bessie SmithMRT Theatre Lowell, MA, .
Bogart at Berklee Comedy Showcase
A wonderful night of comedy with a live band (which means live Rimshots!) and fantastically hilarious MC. We’re ALSO giving away a pair of tickets for this 1/22 show. E-mail to win! 8pm. Bogart at Berklee Comedy ShowcaseThe Red Room @ Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St., Boston, MA, .
Speakeasy Circus
The insane speak easy circus returns with more stunts, more lights, more colors, and more incredible feats! Speakeasy CircusOBERON Cambridge, MA, .
Gathering of Fiddlers and Fishermen
Portsmith Rhode Island’s ‘Gathering of Fiddlers and Fishermen’ is a traditional Irish concert, lovingly dubbed ‘an open-mic tribute to the sea’. This is so good it sells out every year. Be sure to get your tickets in advance! 6:30pm. Gathering of Fiddlers and FishermenCommon Fence Music Portsmouth, RI, .
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys’ comes to Worcester’s Hanover theatre, bringing with it ‘four seasons’ worth of entertainment, as the play traces the incredible story of Frankie Valli and his cohorts from blue collar kids in ‘Jersey to international pop music sensations. Jersey Boys Worcester, MA, .
Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage’
Take a wonderful tour of historical props, costumes, and various set pieces from 50 years of Hartford’s legendary theatrical run. Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage'Hartford Stage Hartford, CT, .
Valentine Chocolate Festival
A ‘Valentine’ chocolate festival in New Haven, CT. Yes, this is a few weeks ahead of St. Valentines day, but hey, this festival is actually a competition, which will select the best of the best chocolate confections – with a silent auction thrown in as a bonus. Yummah! 1-4:30pm. Valentine Chocolate FestivalThe Thomas Golden, Jr. Student Center, Yale University 268 Park Street, New Haven, CT, .
Public Reception for VIBRANT. A Look at Contemporary Lyricism
Check out the opening reception for ‘VIBRANT: A Look at Contemporary Lyricism’. Maybe someone will get to the bottom of what the heck Radio Head is singing about. 2-5pm. Public Reception for VIBRANT. A Look at Contemporary LyricismWhitney Center, 200 Leeder Hill Drive, Hamden, CT, .
The Ice Carnival
An old fashioned carnival midway with games, a non-copyright-infringing fortune wheel, and more, highlight New London, CT’s Ice Carnival. 6-10pm. The Ice CarnivalHygienic Art Park New London, CT, .
Winter Carnival @ Ski Sundown
Ooh a winter carnival in New Hartford, CT! This one has a ‘special fun course’ as well as balloon animals, ice sculptures, and free popcorn and cotton candy! 11am-2pm. Winter Carnival @ Ski SundownSki Sundown Resort New Hartford, CT, .
Rangeley Snowmobile Snodeo
Snowmobile tricks, scenic helicopter rides, a family marshmellow roast, canoe sleigh rides, parade and a delicious pun of a title makes Ragneley’s ‘Snowdeo’ thoroughly worth the trek to Maine. Rangeley Snowmobile SnodeoRangeley Lake Rangeley, ME, .
Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing Derby with Ricky Craven
In the most ‘Maine’ thing in the history of Maine, Greenvile presents to you a three day long ice fishing derby! There’s prizes for the best catches, and it’s hosted by ESPN analyst Ricky Craven. Cool! Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing Derby with Ricky CravenMoosehead Lake, Village St., Greenville, ME, .
Fireworks Presented by Bank of Maine
Sugarloaf has a slew of activities in preperation for its Charity ball. One such activity includes that with a donation, with each lift ride you’re given a card. After you’re done skiing, turn in your best five card poker hand. Best hands get prizes. The charity ball itself features live and silent auctions, dancing, and hors d’oeurves! Auction starts at 5:30pm. Fireworks Presented by Bank of MaineSugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
WinterKids Winter Festival
This is cool. On 1/25 ‘Winter Kids’ hosts its ‘Welcome to Winter’ festival, where immigrants from other (probably warmer) countires to Maine to expierence snow sports like skiing, tubing, sledding, and snowshoeing for the first time. 12:30-2:30pm. WinterKids Winter Festival Portland, ME, .
Portland on Ice
While it’s mostly live music, we’ll take what we can get in winter in Maine. So try this week long festival! Portland on IceDowntown Portland Portland, ME, .
Torchlight Parade and Fireworks
To cap off a special day at Maine’s Special Olympics, there’s a parade, and various torch-light related boomers. What a great way to celebrate a great event for a great cause! 8pm. Torchlight Parade and FireworksSugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing Derby
. Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing DerbyMoosehead Lake Greenville, ME, .
Campfire Dining
How creative! Restaurants in Eastman, New London, Newport, Hanover, and Lebanon bring food samples to 6-8 outdoor bonfires, and you follow the tiki torches to each via snowshoe or cross-country skiing. It’s just a 2-hour drive from Boston and provides hours upon hours of delicious delights. 11am-1pm. Campfire DiningEastman Cross Country Grantham, NH, .
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake
See Swan Lake LIVE from Russia, via Peterborough, NH’s Closed Circuit kinda-sorta-PPV feed. For 18 dollars you see one of the most beautiful ballets ever written and performed on the big screen in glorious HD, amongst folks who are just as into it as you are. 1pm. Tchaikovsky's Swan LakePeterborough Players Theatre Peterborough, NH, .
Masked Marvels & Wondertales
Oh wow I saw this guy in….5th grade and he is INCREDIBLE! He’s like a Tim Burton movie brought to life, but it’s just one guy – that isn’t Tim Burton! That man is in fact Michael Cooper, who uses a variety of elaborate masks, costumes, and props to tell a wildly fantastic (and fantastical) story and had a bigger impact on my life than I realized until just now. 1pm & 4pm. Masked Marvels & WondertalesCapitol Center for the Arts, 44 South Main St., Concord, NH, .
Waterbury Winterfest
Waterbury Winterfest now has 10 full days of wintry festivey events! There’s snowshoe demonstrations and obstacle courses, gourmet soups in homemade bowls, free ice skating, poetry slams, a wassailing contest, and more! Waterbury Winterfestdowntown Watebury Waterbury, VT, .
Stowe Winter Carnival
Snow Golf! Snow Volleyball! Barn dancing! The Stowe Winter Carnival has so, so, so, sooooo many cool events, and activities, AND a bouncy house for the kids. Head to Stowe, VT, head there now, and tell em I sent you! Stowe Winter Carnivalvarious locations Stowe, VT, .
MontPolar Frostival
Montpelier’s ‘Frostival’ will feed you via a pancake breakfast and chili dinner, tap your toes via jazz and ballroom dancing, pump your blood via sledding and a scavenger hunt and indoor sledding, and the highlight: Hoola Hooping! MontPolar Frostivalvarious locations Montpelier, VT, .
Ice on Fire Winter Festival
This ‘Ice on Fire’ festival has a parade, bonfire, theatre, and if the Facebook is to be believed, folks dressed up as animals for reasons that currently escape me. Great! 2pm. Ice on Fire Winter FestivalNorth Branch Nature Center, 713 Elm Street, Montpelier, VT, .