Events INSIDER: Jan 13-20, 2014

Giveaways & Features
Win / Review: The Color Purple
The tour-de-force drama comes to the Speak Easy Stage, and we have 2 Pairs of tickets for Wednesday, January 15 show @ 7:30. Email to win. Win / Review: The Color PurpleSpeakEasy Stage Company, 539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, .
Win: Bogart at Berklee Comedy Showcase
A wonderful night of comedy with a live band (which means live Rimshots!) and fantastically hilarious MC. We’re ALSO giving away a pair of tickets for this 1/22 show. E-mail to win! 8pm. Win: Bogart at Berklee Comedy ShowcaseThe Red Room @ Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St., Boston, MA, .
Win: The Shatterer of Worlds
This is wild and haunting and crazy and puppety and…I have to admit I don’t think I’m smart enough to fully understand what this is about from the synopsis I read. Very strange, but interesting. The good news? You can check it out for yourself. We have tickets to give away! Email and you’ll probably win! Win: The Shatterer of WorldsCyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), 539 Tremont St., South End, Boston, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
Magic Month at the Regent
What is ‘Magic Month’ you ask? It’s exactly what you think it is. Illusionists, tricks, slights of hand, rabbits, doves, card tricks, and more furrowed brows and ‘howdidhedothat?!’s than you can count! Check out the website for all the details, and I heartily encourage you to make all the money in your wallet vanish in order to see every show from the best seat possible! Magic Month at the RegentRegent Theatre Arlington, MA, .
International Folk Dancing for Everyone
MIT has a folk dancing club. You read that right. The smartest people in the country also have coordination, AND dancing talent. Meanwhile I still trip myself up on the ‘Eyyyy Marcarina!’ part of the…well you know the song. Yeesh, some people have all the luck. 8pm. International Folk Dancing for EveryoneStratton Student Center, Building W20 Cambridge, MA, .
MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)
The school that never sleeps, MIT, holds a month of creative classes, lectures, and special events. Almost all of these are just for the MIT community or fully registered by now (I checked), but click through to see if anything is available that might catch your fancy! MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Snow Quidditch!
Work hard / play hard’ is in full effect at MIT this January, as they play Quiddich, which is a game from little known series of fantasy novels, in the snow. Unless there’s no snow. Then it will just be Quiddich…on the ground. 2-4pm. Snow Quidditch!MIT Kresge Oval Cambridge, MA, .
Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars
Gaze at The Museum of Science’s Planetarium as double-neck guitar strumming virtuoso Ian Ethan and his merry men play live music that compliments the majesty and endless appeal of our fascinating universe. Buy your tickets now! 7-9pm. Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the StarsThe Museum of Science Boston, MA, .
A Full Moon Tour: Living in the Dark
Tour Gore Place via candlelight. Every location, from the library to the ‘withdrawal room’ (naturally for Breaking Bad fans), will be illuminated in the glow of ye olden times. 7:30pm. A Full Moon Tour: Living in the DarkGore Place Waltham, MA, .
MIT Mystery Hunt
Brush up on your Klingon! It’s time for the most challenging scavenger hunt in Boston, maybe in the world! Even if you’re not an MIT affiliate, find a team to join and run around campus chasing math. 12pm. MIT Mystery HuntKresge Auditorium Cambridge, MA, .
Arisia Fan Convention
Here’s New England’s largest sci-fi and fantasy convention. Expect gaming, discussion panels, a film festival, performances, mountain dew, and an annual Masquerade. Arisia Fan ConventionWestin Waterfront Hotel Boston, MA, .
BWF Family Festival
On the day of January’s full moon, Belmont World Film is screening two children’s films: ‘Lotte and the Moonstone Secret’ at 10:30 AM and ‘Moon Man’ at 1pm. There will also be cookies, and an astronomer on hand to explain the phases of the moon. BWF Family FestivalStudio Cinema Belmont, MA, .
Discover Mount Auburn: The Civil War
Learn about the people buried in this famous cemetery and their connection to the Civil War. 1-2:30pm. Discover Mount Auburn: The Civil WarMount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge, MA, .
Mid-Winter Powwow
A powwow is a Native American community event where there will be traditional dancing, drumming, singing, and Native American food and crafts. This is one of the best Powwows in the state Or, at least, it used to be. Haven’t been in several years! Mid-Winter PowwowThe VA Hospital Bedford, MA, .
Full Moon Snowshoe Walk
For those who scenic views with a side of burrrrr and dash of moonlight, take a nighttime, snowshoe stroll through Laconia! 6:30pm. Full Moon Snowshoe Walk Laconia, NH, .
Moonlit Snowshoe Tour
No flashlights! An AMC Naturalist helps you find your way through the trails with only the full moon for light. That’s either terrifying or enthralling. Maybe a bit of both! January 18, February 15, February 22* and March 8. 7pm. Moonlit Snowshoe TourRoute 16, Pinkham Notch Jackson, NH, .
Ice Sculpting
Create.Your.Own.Ice.Sculpture. This is an event dreams are made of! Watch an expert do it, then you get to give it a shot yourself! If you think Snowmen are amateur hour, and dig yourself a talented chainsaw artist, you gotta check this one out! 1-3pm. Ice SculptingPeabody Essex Museum, East India Square Mall, Salem, MA, .
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Hey! I’ve split my Twitter feed into 17 regions so that you can REALLY get just the events close to home, or pick what you like. Please check it out and add me to a ‘Twitter list’ too (google it). Find 16 New England Regions on Twitter All Over, , .
Get the 2014 New England Guide
Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2014 New England Guide All Over, , .
Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther King Day Open House at MFA
The Museum of Fine Arts is free on Martin Luther King Day – expand your horizons culturally and artistically in honor of one of this nation’s great heroes. Martin Luther King Day Open House at MFAMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, .
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast
It seems awfully odd to me to have a memorial over breakfast, but then again we’re using Mr. King to sell cars with all kinds of insensative slogans…so okay, Let’s roll with it, plus there’s a lecture by a former American Ambassador, and a popular journalist, too. 8am. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial BreakfastBoston Convention and Exhibition Center Boston, MA, .
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert
Generally I do not believe that children should perform music for anyone but their parents. But heck, a concert taking place at the New England Conservatory might be quite good, and it’s in honor of MLK day, so you know they’re bringing the ‘A’ game! Two shows, 2pm and 7pm. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute ConcertJordan Hall Boston, MA, .
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tour
A special tour of Gore Place that honors and explores the life of Robert Roberts, who worked for abolition his entire life while also being a butler and author for the Gore family. 10am-12Mn. Martin Luther King Jr. Day TourGore Place Waltham, MA, .
Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration
I’ve seen Benkadi Drum events before, and they just ooooze energy. It’s fantastic, it’s impossible to not like! This also encourages dancing, that’s even better! This is in honor of MLK day, and I can’t think of a better way to honor his legacy than to engage in this culturally diverse event, which is the best! 10:30-11:30am. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday CelebrationJohn F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, Columbia Point Boston, MA, .
Martin Luther King Day at the Providence Children’s Museum
The Providence Children’s Museum is offers a myriad of programs to honor MLK, Jr. and teach young ones about this great man in cool, interesting ways like stories and songs. 11:30am-4pm. Martin Luther King Day at the Providence Children's MuseumProvidence Children’s Museum Providence, RI, .
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday at Battleship Cove
Battleship Cove is the world’s largest naval museum and for MLK Day, they’ll play a film, guided tours with an eye toward African American life in the Navy, and run scavenger hunts. Also, there’s a carousel, a helicopter, a submarine, and more! Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday at Battleship CoveBattleship Cove Fall River, MA, .
Martin Luther King Day at Old Sturbridge Village
Old Sturbridge Village has dozens of historical re-enactors — a whole town full of them! For MLK Day they have a storyteller re-enacting ‘Honoring a Slave Heroine: The Mumbet Story’. Trust me, OSV is always worth a visit! Martin Luther King Day at Old Sturbridge Village Sturbridge, MA, .
Also Fun
Snowshoe Treks: Bartholomew’s Cobble
I really want to go snowshoeing! I’ve never tried it. I imagine it’s a lot like hiking, but with a certain…lets-walk-on-frozen-water-like-a-chilly-jesus quality. 10am-12Mn. Snowshoe Treks: Bartholomew's Cobble Sheffield, MA, .
Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk Music
There’s more going on at MIT this January besides folk/contra dancing. I just really like contra dancing. This one has a live band (which you can join, if you play!) so that’s different. 8pm. Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk MusicMIT student center 491 Cambridge, MA, .
Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MIT
MIT hosts a film festival focused on citizens being watched by their governments. It begins with the great ‘Minority Report’ , includes ‘Rear Window’, ‘Enemy of The State’ and ends with a documentary on the ‘Anonymous’ hacking group, all with post-film discussion and light snacks! Free, too! Check it out! Surveillance in Cultural Context: Seven Films at MITMIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Trash Can Drumming
Banging on a Trashcan’ is not just for Nickelodeon’s ‘Doug’ anymore, as a special performance / workshop for aspiring trashcan drummers comes to MIT. Class starts at 7pm. Trash Can DrummingMIT W20 Basement Conference Room (W20-027) Cambridge, MA, .
Ice Skating via MIT
Head to Johnson Ice Rink to get your ice skating fix. Even better this event will teach you how to perform various jumps, twirls, spins, and all that other stuff people far more flexible than I do. It’s free, too! 9:30-10:45am. Ice Skating via MITMIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Audio/Visual: Visual Art about Sound and Music
A series of visual art pieces about sound and music? The late Lou Reed would be proud. This event strives to convey the emotion and genre of music through various visual mediums. Certainly worth a look as long as you promise to not shout out ‘Draw Freebird! Draw Freebird!’ to the live DJ. OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 7@10pm. Audio/Visual: Visual Art about Sound and MusicWashington Street Art, 321D Washington Street, Somerville, MA, .
Chowdah day
Happy Chowdah Day! Legal Seafoods is offering HIGHLY discounted Clam Chowdah with the purchase of an entree…which can also be more Clam Chowdah! This is a cool little way to have some good seafood and a little chowdah on the side. Chowdah dayvarious locations Boston, MA, .
New England International Auto Show
Got the need for speed? Here is one of two HUGE auto shows coming up this month. Even if you can’t afford to buy, it’s still fun to look, and sometimes they let you get behind the wheel and make ‘vroom vroom’ sounds. New England International Auto ShowBoston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, MA, .
Middlesex Fells Reservation: Advanced hike
Here’s an ‘advanced’ hike for those who think regular old hikes are a little passe. The details are scare on what the difference between an advanced hike and a regular hike actually *are* but I’m hoping it involves blindfolds! 1:30pm. Middlesex Fells Reservation: Advanced hikeMiddlesex Fells Reservation, 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham, MA, .
New England Book Festival
Looking to write a book or get one published? In conjunction with the annual contest and awards ceremony, today the NEBF will be offering lectures all day to help you get started in your career. It’s a good place to have a literary event! Charles Dickens once stayed at the Omni-Parker. New England Book FestivalThe Omni-Parker Hotel, 60 School St, Boston, MA, .
An entire art exhibit based on things smashing into other things, with a techno-twist? Beam me up Scotty! Cyberarts exhibits are always wild – hell, one time they used electricity to turn plankton colors. Plankton! 6-9pm. COLLISION20:bilocateBoston Cyberarts Gallery, 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA, .
Splash for Us – a night of community learning and teaching
Splash is the MIT student group that teaches high school (and adult education) courses on a variety of topics. Be chill about it and you can most likely take part, MIT affiliate or not. 8pm-12mn. Splash for Us - a night of community learning and teachingMIT Bldg 2 Cambridge, MA, .
Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet Showplace
Puppets don’t get enough love. They’re not just for kids, you know! This intro class for adults will teach you how to make your very own moving-mouth puppet with rod arms, like the ones on the Muppet Show, just in time for the new Muppet movie! 2014:Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Build Your Own Monster Puppet at Puppet ShowplaceThe Puppet Showplace Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Martin Luther King Weekend
Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in Province Town. Literally zero details are given, but the odds are of all the MLK day festivities, this will be the most festive of all! Martin Luther King WeekendTBA Provincetown, MA, .
American Idol World Premiere Screening
American Idol’s still on? I mean, American Idol’s still on! And you can see it on the big screen in Framingham. 7pm. American Idol World Premiere ScreeningAMC Framingham 16 – 22 Flutie Pass, Framingham, MA, .
Moonlit Snowshoe Tours
No flashlights! An AMC Naturalist helps you find your way through the trails with only the full moon for light. That’s either terrifying or enthralling. Maybe a bit of both! January 18, February 15, February 22* and March 8. 7pm. Moonlit Snowshoe ToursGreat Glen Trails, Route 16, Pinkham Notch Gorham, NH, .
Snowshoe Tours at the Decordova
A snowshoe walk with a purpose! Tour deCordova sculpture park while you shuffle across Lincoln, MA’s not-quite-frozen tundra. Great for folks who find traditional walks / hikes a little…passe. 1/18, 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 10am and 12:30pm. Snowshoe Tours at the DecordovadeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, 51 Sandy Pond Road Lincoln, MA, .
Winter Weekends at Phillips House Museum
I don’t know who the Phillips family is, but they’re having a ‘wintery jaunt around New England’ with cocoa and cookies, andddd film clips of the family as well. Who is this family? I guess if I want to find out, this is the best way to start! 2-3pm. Winter Weekends at Phillips House MuseumPhillips House, 34 Chestnut Street, Salem, MA, .
Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands Museum
The Fruitlands museum, Candy land’s healthier, slimmer, cousin, has a slope called the ‘OMG Hill’ during its Winterfest festival! I mean, it’s not really a ‘festival’ if it lasts 6 weeks, but they’ll have bonfires, sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing, Saturdays & Sundays, from 11am-4pm. It would be a good idea to call ahead, since there may be last-minute cancellations due to the weather. Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands MuseumFruitlands Museum Harvard, MA, .
Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Nothing to do? How about the zoo? Roger Williams Park offers half price admission January through February thanks to its ‘Winter Wonderdays’ promotion. Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
Watercolors in Nature
Do you like to paint? Why not try this watercolor class at the Audubon? You’ll need some instruction- watercolors are tricky and one wrong dab can turn those beautiful blues and yellows and reds a mucky yucky brown! 10am-1pm. Watercolors in NatureMass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary Natick, MA, .
Providence Restaurant Week
Head to Rhode Island for its ‘Restaurant Week’, with delectable and delicious deals in over a dozen restaurants, including 2 for 1 specials, and discounted prices on three course meals! This is running until the 18th, so get there sooner rather than later! Providence Restaurant Weekvarious locations Providence, RI, .
Review: Working: A Musical
Check out our review of ‘Working: The Musical’ from the lyric stage! Review: Working: A MusicalThe Lyric Stage, 140 Clarendon Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA, .
Review: Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur’ is one of those subversive plays that mix the actual ‘play’ with the production aspects for some fourth-wall-breaking goodness. This one has quite the legacy, too, with the film adaptation being directed by controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski it starts 1/9, and we’ll have a review you can check out 1/14! Review: Venus in FurHuntington Theatre Company, 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, .
Review: Insignificance
Marilyn Monroe meets Einstein meets Joe DiMaggio, meets…John F. Kennedy(?!) in this comedy about our oft-spinning moral compass. Check out our review! Review: Insignificance Cambridge, MA, .
Review: The Haberdasher! A Tale of Derring-Do
A slap-dash tale of Derring-Do in Boston! There’s swordfighting and
cross-dressing! I mean, come on, what more could you want from your
play?! Check out our review, too! Review: The Haberdasher! A Tale of Derring-DoBoston Playwrights’ Theatre Boston, MA, .
Review: Imagining Madoff
They say the best supervillians are the ones you’re able to identify with, just a bit. This play poses the question of whether or not even the most evil of men, have souls worth saving. Check out our review, too! Review: Imagining MadoffArsenal Center for the Arts Watertown, MA, .
Review: Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur’ is one of those subversive plays that mix the actual ‘play’ with the production aspects for some fourth-wall-breaking goodness. This one has quite the legacy, too, with the film adaptation being directed by controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski. Check out our review! Review: Venus in FurHuntington Theatre Company, 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, .
Win / Review: The Devil’s Music: The Life and Times of Bessie Smith
An intimate show featuring blues and Bessie Smith, who tells the tale of her life through music, monologue, and audience interaction. Check out our review, and it’s not too late to enter to win tickets, either! E-mail to win! Win / Review: The Devil's Music: The Life and Times of Bessie SmithMRT Theatre Lowell, MA, .
Review: Insignificance
The Marilyn Monroe meets Einstein meets zany happenings production: ‘Insignificance’ continues in Boston. Check it out! Review: InsignificanceThe Nora Theatre Company, 450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
Belmont World Film’s Family Festival
International Film Festivals *always* bring the goods experience wise – and this one delivers animation, documentary, drama, comedy, and more from over a half dozen countries between 1/17 and 1/20. Belmont World Film's Family FestivalStudio Cinema, 376 Trapelo Road and Arlington Regent Theatre, 5 Medford St., Belmont, MA, .
Puppet Showplace Slam
Puppets of all shapes and sizes deliver short performances on a wide range of subjects from current events, political satire, songs, and everything in between, with particular event featuring alumni of a puppeting masterclass. This looks kind of awesome in a silly sorta way, but you might just find yourself a little touched by some of the more poignant pieces. Heck, if you have a puppet, you can sign up to perform, too! 8pm. Puppet Showplace SlamPuppet Showplace Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Review: The Heart of Robin Hood
In this spectacular rendition of the English legend, the notorious Robin Hood and his band of merry men steal from the rich, but refuse to share with the oppressed peasantry. As the wicked Prince John threatens all of England, it is down to Marion to boldly protect the poor and convert Robin Hood from outlaw to hero. First seen at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2011, this new production is filled with high adventure, epic romance, amazing fight choreography, and an original score inspired by contemporary folk music.Check out our review! Review: The Heart of Robin HoodLoeb Drama Center, 64 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA, .
Speakeasy Circus
The insane speak easy circus returns with more stunts, more lights, more colors, and more incredible feats! Speakeasy CircusOBERON Cambridge, MA, .
Festival of New Musicals
Well, Hello Dolly!…and the other actors in the play. Good Speed Opera House’s festival of new musicals includes a cool meet-and -greet with Tony award winning actors, selections from new plays, and more! Check it out! Festival of New MusicalsGoodspeed Opera House East Haddam, CT, .
Little Women’ at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse
Moe Szyslak’s favorite play, ‘Little Women’ comes to Meredith, NH Jan 17-19th. Become enthralled in the coming of age of four sisters who learn about life, love, and the virtue of family over success. Little Women' at the Winnipesaukee PlayhouseThe Winnipesaukee Playhouse, 50 Reservoir Rd, Meredith, NH, .
Master Storyteller Tom Lee
Live action ‘Clue’? Don’t mind if I do! These ‘One Night Only’ tours at the Twain House combine a tour with a bit of dinner theater and interactive murder mystery – heck it’s so great it was featured on Travel Channel! $20 dollars. 2pm. Master Storyteller Tom LeeThe Mark Twain House & Museum Hartford, CT, .
Open Cockpit Sunday at NEAM
For your inner pilot! Climb into the cockpits of up to 10 vintage aircraft, a full-motion flight simulator, and a Flight Sim Spot. There will also be model demonstrations and hands-on stuff for kids. 10am-4pm. Open Cockpit Sunday at NEAM Windsor Locks, CT, .
Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage’
Take a wonderful tour of historical props, costumes, and various set pieces from 50 years of Hartford’s legendary theatrical run. Stagecraft: 50 Years of Design at Hartford Stage'Hartford Stage Hartford, CT, .
Winterfest Hartford
Hartford features free skating and free skate rentals for a month, plus professional skating shows every Friday and Saturday, 6-7pm. (Until recently, this event was known as the Hartford Festival of Light.). Winterfest HartfordBushnell Park Hartford, CT, .
Glowlight Parade & Fireworks
You know that awesome scene in ‘Mulan’ where thousands of soldiers race down a snowy mountain carrying lit explosives, then Mulan shoots the last firework at them to cause an avalanche? Well this is like that, but instead of soldiers it’s dozens of skiers, and instead of explosives, it’s glow-lights – and there’s more than one firework, too…and hopefully no avalanche. Same kind of visual though! Check it out! 7pm. Glowlight Parade & FireworksSugarloaf, 5092 Access Rd., Kingfield, ME, .
Children’s Festival Week
Sunday River’s Children’s Festival *actually* looks like a great excuse to go yourself – kids stay free, ski free, can take discounted lessons, and be stowed away with childcare folks for half price while you hit the slopes with a little extra dough in your pocket. Sounds good to me! Children's Festival WeekSunday River ski area, 15 South Ridge Road, Newry, ME, .
Games, games, games. Whether it’s board games or live-action roleplaying, this con’s got it all. SnowConBlack Bear Inn, 4 Godfrey Dr, Orono, ME, .
B52 Commemorative Ride
This is a memorial snowmobile to the crash site of a B52 jet that crashed in Maine in 1963. This looks to be a cool little adventure with a noble purpose. 12pm. B52 Commemorative RideScammon Rd Greenville, ME, .
Radar Runs on Norway Lake
What is a Radar Run? Well…Google told me it had something to do with snowmobiles, so that’s cool! It’s also possible you run, then they clock you with a radar gun and tell you how fast you’re going. Or it’s tangentially related to M.A.S.H. Regardless, all three of those sound like a blast! 9am-1pm. Radar Runs on Norway Lake Portage Lake, ME, .
Campfire Dining
How creative! Restaurants in Eastman, New London, Newport, Hanover, and Lebanon bring food samples to 6-8 outdoor bonfires, and you follow the tiki torches to each via snowshoe or cross-country skiing. It’s just a 2-hour drive from Boston and provides hours upon hours of delicious delights. 11am-1pm. Campfire DiningEastman Cross Country Grantham, NH, .
Waterbury Winterfest
Waterbury Winterfest now has 10 full days of wintry festivey events! There’s snowshoe demonstrations and obstacle courses, gourmet soups in homemade bowls, free ice skating, poetry slams, a wassailing contest, and more! Waterbury Winterfestdowntown Watebury Waterbury, VT, .
Stowe Winter Carnival
Snow Golf! Snow Volleyball! Barn dancing! The Stowe Winter Carnival has so, so, so, sooooo many cool events, and activities, AND a bouncy house for the kids. Head to Stowe, VT, head there now, and tell em I sent you! Stowe Winter Carnivalvarious locations Stowe, VT, .
Stowe Tour De Snow
Take a 5.3 mile snowshoe walk through Stowe Vermont, with games, yoga, dog sledding, arts & crafts, and a Nordic Terrain park – I don’t know what that is, but I bet it has glorious long blond hair. Anyway, this looks fantastic, especially for folks like me that hate walking without a purpose, but can walk for days if there’s cool stuff to do along the way. 12:30-4pm. Stowe Tour De SnowStowe Recreation Path, Stowe, VT, .