Events INSIDER: Dec 30, 2013 to Jan 7, 2014

Giveaways & Features
Win: Speakeasy Circus (Two Shows)
We have four pairs….Yes you read that right, FOUR pairs of tickets to giveaway to delightfully bizarre, carnival-esque, some-may-even-say-arousing ‘Speak Easy Circus’ . Specifically the January 3rd, and February 4th show, at 7:30 and 10:00pm. Email to win. Win: Speakeasy Circus (Two Shows)OBERON Cambridge, MA, .
Win: Tickets to Amesbury Sports Park’s Tubing hill
What’s more exciting than careening down New England’s fastest snow tubing hill? Careening down New England’s fastest snow-tubing hill for *free* with a friend or family member! Enter to win one of two pairs of (almost) ‘anytime’ tickets to Amesbury Sports Park’s tubing hill. The only limitations are New Year’s Day, January 20Th, and February 15Th thru the 23rd. E-mail to win! Win: Tickets to Amesbury Sports Park's Tubing hillAmesbury Sports Park Amesbury, MA, .
Johnny’s Picks
Monster Sled at Fenway Park
There’s a different kind of sliding going on at Yawkey way this January involving snow and a 20 foot tall man-made snow-tubing hill. This is *our* bleepin’ city, and this is a cool bleeping event at Fenway park. Monster Sled at Fenway ParkFenway Park Boston, MA, .
New Years Day Walk
Not sure why they’re still calling this a ‘New Year’s Day’ walk, even though it’s on the 4th! But it’s a conveniently located place for a nice jaunt. Go out, get some exercise, and get back on track with that New Year’s resolution you’re surely already slacking on. 10am-12nn. New Years Day Walk Boston, MA, .
Magic Month at the Regent
What is ‘Magic Month’ you ask? It’s exactly what you think it is. Illusionists, tricks, slights of hand, rabbits, doves, card tricks, and more furrowed brows and ‘howdidhedothat?!’s than you can count! Check out the website for all the details, and I heartily encourage you to make all the money in your wallet vanish in order to see every show from the best seat possible! Magic Month at the RegentRegent Theatre Arlington, MA, .
International Folk Dancing for Everyone
MIT has a folk dancing club. You read that right. The smartest people in the country also have coordination, AND dancing talent. Meanwhile I still trip myself up on the ‘Eyyyy Marcarina!’ part of the…well you know the song. Yeesh, some people have all the luck. 8pm. International Folk Dancing for EveryoneStratton Student Center, Building W20 Cambridge, MA, .
MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)
The school that never sleeps, MIT holds a month of creative classes, lectures, and special events. Almost all of these are just for the MIT community or fully registered by now (I checked), but click through to see if anything is available that might catch your fancy! MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period)MIT, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, .
MIT Public Speaking Workshop
The difference between a good presentation and a great one is public speaking, and MIT is hosting a workshop designed to improve those skills, for free! As someone who’s seen a bevy of bad presentations, and hung on the every word of a good one, I cannot stress enough how important having this skill in your back pocket can be! 12-1pm. MIT Public Speaking WorkshopMIT Cambridge, MA, .
Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Meteor showers aren’t always easy to see, but this one should be great! Go someplace without any city lights, like a large field or lake, bring a blanket, and someone you can chat with while waiting, because the Quadtrantids are unpredictable. Quadrantids Meteor ShowerVarious locations All Over, , .
Christmas Tree Bonfire
Salem’s residents will burn their holiday trees in a huge bonfire without a single falsely accused witch in sight! Progressive! It will smell great and the pine sap tends to pop, too! 6pm. Christmas Tree BonfireDead Horse Beach at Salem Willows Salem, MA, .
Find 16 New England Regions on Twitter
Hey! I’ve split my Twitter feed into 17 regions so that you can REALLY get just the events close to home, or pick what you like. Please check it out and add me to a ‘Twitter list’ too (google it). Find 16 New England Regions on Twitter All Over, , .
Get the 2014 New England Guide
Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2014 New England Guide All Over, , .
Also Fun
Holiday Vacation Week at the MFA
During school vacation week, the MFA is offering a selection of educational and entertainment…al crafts for children that relate to the museum’s current exhibitions with three quirky characters designed to make learning fun. There’s also a behind the scenes video exhibit so you can learn all the hard work that goes into curating such an experience. Sounds unique, that’s for sure. Holiday Vacation Week at the MFAMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, .
An Officers’ Life for Me: December School Vacation Week
Live as the sailors did! well, watch them demonstrate how they lived during school vacation week. You’ll get to write with a quill pen and use a homemade compass! Great for kids who learn through doing. Scurvy not included. 10am-5pm. An Officers' Life for Me: December School Vacation WeekUSS Constitution Museum, Charlestown Navy Yard, Charlestown, MA, .
Mayor’s Community Skates
Mayor’s Community Skates. Mayor's Community SkatesFenway Park Boston, MA, .
Marx Brothers Marathon
The Marx Brothers are kind of like like the old-timey equivalent of Adventure time. Silly, over-the-top, creative, and ribald. The Brattle Theater is doing a New Years Day Marathon. Check it out! 12:30pm and7:30pm. Marx Brothers MarathonThe Brattle Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Mayor’s Community Skates
Not much info is given on this community skate event, but it involves skating at Fenway park. For a specific kind of fan, this sounds simply magical. Mayor's Community SkatesFenway Park Boston, MA, .
Fetes De Rois (Feast of the Kings)
This centuries old French tradition is basically a party for kids, and they’ll have a cake or ‘galette’ (which is not where The Patriots play), and lots of French culture. There’s limited space, so RSVP, si vous plate . 2-4pm. Fetes De Rois (Feast of the Kings)The French Library and Cultural Center Boston, MA, .
Trash Can Drumming
Banging on a Trashcan’ is not just for Nickelodeon’s ‘Doug’ anymore, as a special performance / workshop for aspiring trashcan drummers comes to MIT. Class starts at 7pm. Trash Can DrummingMIT W20 Basement Conference Room (W20-027) Cambridge, MA, .
Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk Music
There’s more going on at MIT this January besides folk/contra dancing. I just really like contra dancing. This one has a live band (which you can join, if you play!) so that’s different. 8pm. Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk MusicMIT student center 491 Cambridge, MA, .
A special screening of the erotic (to some) ‘Secretary’ starring the gorgeous (to everyone) Maggie Gyllenhaal with a post-film Q&A with the cast and crew of ‘Venus in Fur’, a completely different, sexually charged, dramedy. Brings your questions, leave the whips and handcuffs at home. 7pm. Stage & Screen: VENUS IN FUR / SECRETARYCoolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St., Brookline, MA, .
Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands Museum
The Fruitlands museum, Candy land’s healthier, slimmer, cousin, has a slope called the ‘OMG Hill’ during its Winterfest festival! I mean, it’s not really a ‘festival’ if it lasts 6 weeks, but they’ll have bonfires, sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing, Saturdays & Sundays, from 11am-4pm. It would be a good idea to call ahead, since there may be last-minute cancellations due to the weather. Winterfest Weekends at Fruitlands MuseumFruitlands Museum Harvard, MA, .
Rogues & Scoundrels Tour
See where scoundrels lived, pirates profited, and criminals were punished. Find out why this colony was known as ‘Rogue’s Island.’ $12 per person, reservations suggested. Departs from Museum & Shop at the Brick Market, 127 Thames Street. 401-841-8770. Rogues & Scoundrels TourMuseum of Newport History Newport, RI, .
Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Nothing to do? How about the zoo? Roger Williams Park offers half price admission January through February. Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
Edaville’s Christmas Festival of Lights
All Holiday season long you can head to Edaville USA to see their light display. This might be a great thing to check out after you visit their Polar Express adventure. Plus, you get to see beautiful lights from a warm, dry train now that is ideal! Edaville's Christmas Festival of LightsEdaville USA Carver, MA, .
Moby-Dick Marathon
This looks to be a whale of a time! A ton of events focused on Moby Dick, from art, to lectures, to trivia with prizes, to opera, and the chance to say the chortle-inducing ‘Moby Dick-athon’ as often as your heart desires in honor of Herman Melville’s opus. My favorite thing about Moby Dick is that it led to a fantastic climax in ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn’. Moby-Dick MarathonWhaling Museum, 18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, MA, .
Bright Nights in Springfield
Bright Nights appears to be a drive-through safari, but instead of wild animals, you’re checking out thousands of Holiday lights. And if the website is to be believed, there’s a ‘Dr. Seuss’ land. 11/27 is opening night, and offers over half off admission. Bright Nights in SpringfieldForest Park Springfield, MA, .
Higgins Armory is Closing
The Higgins Armory is closing at the end of 2013! Come explore the weapons, suits of armor, and learn old-timey combat from re-enactors. Higgins Armory is ClosingHiggins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Avenue, Worcester, MA, .
Wenham Museum Spectrum Express
This is a special model train exhibit for people on the autism spectrum on the first Sunday of every month. Knowing people with autism and having friends and family that have kids on the spectrum, let me say that personally this is a wonderful idea and Wenham should be commended. Check it out. 10am-4pm. Wenham Museum Spectrum ExpressWenham Museum, 132 Main Street, Wenham, MA, .
U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Do you like BMX? Vert Skateboarding? The X-games? Well, you should try figure-skating on for size! So much speed! So much twirling! So much jumping and landing that it gives me chills! And not just because it’s cold in there! U.S. Figure Skating ChampionshipsTD Garden Boston, MA, .
Ho Ho Holidays
BLINK! At Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Talk about Xmas bombardment! The lights will be on through January 5th but the fun gets going on November 23rd with all day fun with various musical and dance performances. 12pm for 11/23 day long event, lights will be on every night after through 1/5. BLINK! At Faneuil Hall MarketplaceFaneuil Hall Boston, MA, .
Glassblowers Christmas
See the beauty of hundreds of glass ornaments all the way through christmas. Ornaments are a great way to honor memories and this event could be a great way to make some new ones! Glassblowers ChristmasSandwich Glass Museum Sandwich, MA, .
Vintage Christmas in Portsmouth & Candlelight Stroll
Vintage Trolleys, vintage lighting techniques (candles), vintage holiday cheer, a parade, tree lighting, and a candle light stroll with vintage Christmas carols, vintage transport (horses!), vintage craftsmen (a Tinsmith!), makes Portsmith NH’s Vintage Christmas the most post-modern event of the Holiday Season. 1:30-10:30pm. Vintage Christmas in Portsmouth & Candlelight StrollVarious Locations Portsmouth, NH, .
The Gift of Lights
I’m not a Christian, but I do love these Xmas nighttime attractions of lights. This is one of the largest displays of holiday lights in New England. The Gift of Lights Loudon, NH, .
Christmas Tours at the Gables
Holiday Tours in Salem are always fun, it’s such an eerie place. This tour takes you through the holiday decorated House of Seven Gables and provides a brief history of how Christmas has changed through the years. Aside: I got stuck in this house’s secret passage once and it almost became the House of Seven gables and a chubby 8th grader who should walk sideways through tight corners. 10am-5pm. Christmas Tours at the GablesThe House of the Seven Gables Salem, MA, .
Christmas at the Newport Mansions
These mansions are beautiful, especially when they’re decked out in lights and thousands of decorations. Admission to all three decorated mansions is $28 for adults and $9 for kids 6 and older. Christmas at the Newport MansionsVarious Places Newport, RI, .
Holidays at Worcester Art Museum
WAM, the Worcester Art Museum, isn’t kidding around. Expanded Cafe Hours, seasonal decorations, changing programming for the kiddies, if you’ve never been, now’s the time to go, and and if you have, why not check out what changed! Holidays at Worcester Art MuseumWorcester Art Museum Worcester, MA, .
New Year’s Eve
Jiminy Peak New Years
Cinnamon Buns (Take that cookies and s’mores!), a parade and fireworks are fine excuses to go skiing in Hancock, MA for New Years Eve! 10pm. Jiminy Peak New YearsJimny Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA, .
First Night Northampton, MA
Further away but trying hard is First Night Northampton, with over 20 venues and performances. 2pm-12am, with fireworks at 6:15pm. First Night Northampton, MANorthampton Town center Northampton, MA, .
New Years’s Jam at Earthdance
Peace, love, and New Years at this Plainfield, MA, event. I’m not saying this is for hippies, but if you like Dave Matthews Band and Phish, this is probably for you. They claim this all-weekend dance festival sells out, so buy early. It’s an off-beat way to spend New Years. New Years's Jam at Earthdance Plainfield, MA, .
Spirit of Boston New Year’s Cruise
If you’ve got your sea legs from summer and money to throw overboard, watching the fireworks from a cruise ship that has its own buffet and DJ sounds like a creative idea! Call for reservations. 8pm-1am. Spirit of Boston New Year's Cruise Boston, MA, .
First Night Grand Procession and Fireworks
This parade is described as the ‘heart’ of the First Night festival. The cavalcade marches down Boylston at 5:30pm, then from Hynes Convention Center to Boston Common, and then the party *really* starts. 5:30pm. First Night Grand Procession and FireworksHynes Convention Center Boston, MA, .
New Years Eve with The Donkey Show
Everyone loves the Donkey Show – and for those of you that have seen ‘Bachelor Party’ NO it is not THAT ya creep. This ‘Donkey Show’ takes Shakespeare and mix it with a disco performance and a dance party you can take part in! So it’s like seeing ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ without the movie part. What a creative idea for New Years Eve! 10pm. New Years Eve with The Donkey ShowClub Oberon Cambridge, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Dance Party at Folk Arts Center of New England
Folk Dancing! Folk Music! Fiddles! Yeehaws! Soeeeeiees! This is my kind of New Years Party! Also, my sister tells me ‘It is not necessary to attend with a partner’ is code for limber bachelors and bachelorettes will be on hand! Looks like a welcome relief from all the run-of-the-mill bro bar parties happening tonight! 9pm-1am. New Year's Eve Dance Party at Folk Arts Center of New EnglandFolk Arts Center of New England Stoneham, MA, .
Mayor’s New Year Open House
This is the closest alternative to Boston’s First Night that’s on public transit. Free performances at City Hall, and Balloon Animals! 1:30-3:30pm. Mayor's New Year Open HouseCity Hall Newton, MA, .
First Night Tours at Otis House
Free with your First Night button are tours at this historic 1796 mansion right in downtown Boston. First Night Tours at Otis HouseOtis House Boston, MA, .
First Night Boston
This is, of course, THE New Year’s event. Buy a pass and spend the last night of the year out on the town. Refer to the insanely jam-packed schedule to find the events that will please you most, my pick is The Blind Boys of Alabama. 1pm-12mn. First Night BostonVarious Locations Boston, MA, .
Mayor’s Open House – Newton
Mayor’s Open House – Newton. Mayor's Open House - NewtonNewton City Hall Newton, MA, .
Figment First Night
Figment First Night. Figment First NightVarious locations Boston, MA, .
FIGMENT Participates in First Night Boston 2014
Riskee Ball is fire-infused ski-ball. Yes. You read that right. FIRE-INFUSED Ski-ball. You can check this out at First Night Boston at the common amongst fire dancers and swallowers and other crazy (talented) people. 7:30pm-12mn. FIGMENT Participates in First Night Boston 2014Boston Common Boston, MA, .
Mayor’s New Years Open House
The Mayor of Newton is having an open house! Go, drink his drink and gently rummage through his medicine cabinet. There’s also live Dixie-land music, balloon animals, and face painting. I’m jealous. all my house has is is a wilting Christmas tree. 1:30-3:30pm. Mayor's New Years Open HouseNewton City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA, .
First Night Sandwich, MA
Yes! There’s puppeteers and magicians at the second ever First Night event in Sandwich! Those guys make a festival complete. Sandwhich is a quaint town and the schedule looks especially arts-driven. If I were spending New Year’s down the Cape, this would be my first choice. 4:30pm-1am. First Night Sandwich, MATownwide Sandwich, MA, .
First Night Chatham, MA
Over 4 dozen entertainers, 14 special events, a pumpkin village make Chatham quite the quaint New Years Eve celebration. There aren’t many NYE festivities down the Cape, but here’s one of only two, official, First Nights. There’s a full schedule of daytime events for kids and an evening schedule for adults. Fireworks at midnight over Oyster Pond. 1pm -12 mn. First Night Chatham, MAOrpheum Theater, Main Street Chatham, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Chatham
Chatham puts on TWO fireworks displays, one at 6:30pm for kiddies, and one at 12:00am for kids at heart who want to ring the new in with a bang! Well, several bangs in quick succession! New Year's Eve Fireworks: ChathamOver Oyster Pond Chatham, MA, .
First Night Westport, CT
See what’d you’d look like as a cartoon animal via Pat Mason, Animal cartoonist. Or maybe you’d prefer to hear Dennis The Train man tell fascinating stories about model trains and model train history. Or, maybe you want to partake in the bouncy house, see if the ventriloquist’s lips move, or rub The Magic Genie’s belly (do not rub his belly). This First Night celebration in Danbury has quite the mix of entertainers. A little something for everyone. If you go, be well aware I am jealous of you. 4-10pm. First Night Westport, CTDowntown Westport, CT, .
First Night Danbury, CT
New Year’s Eve with a traditional vaudeville act and ventriloquist? I’m there! There’s also arts, crafts, and street performers for those of us who don’t hold the days of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Abbott and Costello in high regard. 4-8pm. First Night Danbury, CTCity Center Danbury Danbury, CT, .
First Night Middletown, CT
While the website on the twitter and facebook will not load, if 2012 is to be believed, this event rivals Hartford’s First Night festivities. Events all day from 3pm-12am, with fireworks displays at 6pm and midnight. First Night Middletown, CT Middletown, CT, .
First Night Hartford, CT
A carousel, 16 venues of performances, caricaturists, raconteur Cowboy Billy, and two, count em’, TWO fireworks displays — at 6pm and midnight. I’m not saying Mystic, CT should be shaking in their boots or nothing, but Hartford may just win New Years this year. First Night Hartford, CTVarious Locations Hartford, CT, .
Nudist resort New Years’
Perhaps you’d like to be adventurous and try a New Years party at a nudist resort. The menu includes shrimp, ribs, and breasts. I can’t make this stuff up. The theme this year is ‘Leather & Lace.’ which is kind of conservative all things considered. 7pm-1am. Nudist resort New Years' Woodstock, CT, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Guilford
Not quiiiteee a New Year’s Eve celebration, Guilford’s ‘Generations’ celebration feature Kirk and Picard teaming up…wait no. It has fireworks! and a Bonfire where you’re encouraged to burn everything you hate, including bad report cards and that Justin Timberlake CD you’re not sure why you own. 8pm fireworks. New Year's Eve Fireworks: GuilfordPark St, Guilford, CT Guilford, CT, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Hartford
The 6pm and 12midnight fireworks in Hartford, CT appear to be synced to music if you attend the party hosted by a live DJ, which is *awesome*. 6pm and 12midnight fireworks. New Year's Eve Fireworks: HartfordTrinity Street in Bushnell Park, near the Carousel
Hartford, CT
, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Westport
10pm Fireworks in Westport highlight the New Year’s Eve festival with music, fortune tellers, a rock n’ roll dance, and more. 10pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: WestportToquet Hall, 62 Post Rd E, Westport, CT, .
First Night Old Orchard Beach
This party on the beach features a bonfire,marshmallow toasting, Cotton Candy (there’s a new one!), and cocoa. It starts at 4:30pm with fireworks display at 6:30pm. 4:30-6:30pm. First Night Old Orchard BeachTown Square Old Orchard Beach, ME, .
New Year’s Pajama Party
Trick your kids into going to bed early via their New Year’s at noon pajama party! Get this: There’s a balloon drop instead of a ball drop! Nice! Children’s Museum in Portland. 12pm. New Year's Pajama PartyChildren’s Museum and Theatre of Maine Portland, ME, .
New Year’s Eve at Sunday River resort
Sunday River’s Holiday Dinner claims there’s more Champange then I’d know what to do with. What Sunday River doesn’t know is that I’ve always wanted a champagne moat. Just cause. Once you’ve had your fill, there’s a organ-driven rock band, fireworks, and general ski-resort related debauchery until 2014, and probably for several minutes after. 4pm-12:30am. Fireworks at 8:30pm! New Year's Eve at Sunday River resortSunday River Resort Newry, ME, .
Paul Revere Bell Ringing
Another pre-midnight New Year’s Eve celebration, in the form of an annual Paul Revere bell ringing. Be there with bells on. 2013:12-1pm. Paul Revere Bell RingingMain Street Bath Bath, ME, .
Bangor Downtown Countdown
With live music, dancing, street performers, their own ball drop, and a Paul Bunyan look-alike contest, this presumably outdoor celebration seems fun. 5-11:59pm. Bangor Downtown CountdownWest Market Square Bangor, ME, .
L.L.Bean New Year’s Celebration
Over 25 thousand lights set to music and other awesome attractions at…L.L. Bean?! Really? Alright. Well, L.L Bean brings it with live music and fireworks, at this kid-and-commerce oriented event that ends early enough that you can put the wee ones to bed early before the real festivities begin. 11am-6pm.
. L.L.Bean New Year's CelebrationL.L.Bean Freeport, ME, .
Belfast New Year’s By the Bay
This one’s got over half a dozen performance venues with dancing and life music. It also prides itself on being chem-free, which may not mean what I think it means. 2pm-12am. Belfast New Year's By the BayDowntown Belfast, Main Street Belfast, ME, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Old Orchard Beach
The 7:30pm Fireworks at Old Orchard Beach may just be powerful enough to jar the pieces of kettle corn stuck in your teeth, loose! Also, there’s kettle corn! And Marshmallows! and Cotton Candy! Awesome! 7:30pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Old Orchard BeachOld Orchard Beach Old Orchard Beach, ME, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Mt. Abram
9pm New Year’s Eve Fireworks *and* live reggae *and* skiing?! I don’t think those things have ever been combined, ever – but sounds awesome anyway! 9pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Mt. AbramMt Abram Ski Resort, 308 Howe Hill Rd, Greenwood, ME, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Saddleback Mountain
Saddleback Mountain’s 8pm fireworks come with live music and something called a ‘Swig n’ Smelt’ which obviously combines drinking booze with blacksmithing. Can you think of a better combination? Yes, yes you can. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Saddleback Mountain Rangeley, ME, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Sunday River
20:30:00. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Sunday RiverSouth Ridge Base Lodge, 15 S Ridge Rd, Newry, ME, .
Galumpha New Year’s Eve Show
What happens when you combine mime, acrobatics, special effects, and comedy? Something called…Galumpha at Sugarloaf. This looks nuts, with all sorts of crazy tumbling and strength demonstrations by the aforementioned Galumpha performing arts Troupe. 7:30pm. Galumpha New Year's Eve ShowKing Pine Room, Sugarloaf Ski Resort Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
The Great Sardine and Maple Drop
Take your balls and shove em’! This is how we get down on New England! During the countdown to midnight, Eastport has TWO ‘drops’; a red maple leaf for Canada (where New Year’s Eve happens first) and a big Sardine for Maine! Lots of other chamber of commerce and artisan events happen in conjunction – like a sardine tasting festival! Midnight. The Great Sardine and Maple DropTides Institute and Museum of Art Eastport, ME, .
New Year’s Eve Bash at Mt. Abram Resort
Ahhhh skiing, fireworks, and music from a country where it doesn’t snow. Check out Mt. Abram’s New Years Eve fireworks and reggae music spectacular! 9pm-12:30am. New Year's Eve Bash at Mt. Abram ResortMt Abram Greenwood, ME, .
New Year’s Eve at Northern Outdoors
Sounds pretty basic: Buffet, champagne, a DJ, etc. But there is a brewery here, so if you really like skiing and beer, check it out.They are offering a special NYE weekend package. But please, Ski responsibly. 2013:. New Year's Eve at Northern OutdoorsNorthern Outdoors Ski Resort, Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway The Forks, ME, .
Fireworks at Sugarloaf
Skiing and fireworks! A great combination. Fireworks at SugarloafSugarloaf Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
New Year’s Eve at the Irish Cultural Center of New England
Irish music, a buffet, and Champagne toast at the sprawling Irish Cultural Center. The coolest part about this venue is that there are lots of little nooks and crannies to explore for the adventurous, or romantically inclined – including a covered bridge! Not that I’d encourage such debauchery, but I’m encouraging such debauchery. That aside, the Irish Cultural Centre generally has good entertainment. 7pm-1am. New Year's Eve at the Irish Cultural Center of New England Canton, MA, .
New Years Eve at Nashoba Ski Resort
Skiing, riding, and tubing until 11:30pm, and then a parade and fireworks! Let’s hope the fireworks don’t start an avalanche! 5pm-11:30pm. New Years Eve at Nashoba Ski ResortNashoba Ski Resort Westford, MA, .
Bessie’s New Year’s Eve PJ Dance Party
Have kids? Attend the Discovery Museum and dance around in your pajamas with special guest ‘Bessie’ who is likely a cow of some kind. 10am. Bessie's New Year's Eve PJ Dance PartyDiscovery Museum,177 Main Street Acton, MA, .
New Year’s Needham, MA
This one’s the closest real ‘first night’ to Boston, with live music, dance, a quilter’s guild (what?) and lots more. They have a trolley so you can get around without worrying about driving, too. No fireworks, but there’s a Countdown Party at Powers Hall. 9:30pm. New Year's Needham, MA Needham, MA, .
New Years’ Eve Contra Dances
Folk dances are a great alternative to nightclubs. The social dances are constructed so everyone can join in and meet people – and if 6 ‘Step Up’ movies are any indication, there’s nothing more romantic then dancing! 8pm-1am. New Years' Eve Contra DancesScout House Concord, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Northampton
6:15 fireworks for the whole family to enjoy in Northampton, Mass, in addition to countless other activities which you can navigate via their app. Neat! New Year's Eve Fireworks: NorthamptonSmith College parking lots and the Smith College garage on West Street Northampton, MA, .
New Year’s Day Labyrinth Walk
This is so great! This church has both indoor and outdoor labyrinth and you can come do a 30-minute walk and reflect on the maze that is life. I called and they swear it is not heavy-handed with religion. You can just show up and do it for fun. 5pm-7pm, but you can do their outdoor labyrinth anytime. New Year's Day Labyrinth WalkMeetinghouse Franklin, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Hancock
New Year’s Eve Fireworks and skiing in Western Mass make for an exciting, adventure filled getaway. Lots of pre-fireworks activities too, including live music! 12am. New Year's Eve Fireworks: HancockJiminy Peak Hancock, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Orange
There’s seemingly little information on the world wide web about this event, but I can confirm 100% there are fireworks in Orange, Massachusetts, on New Year’s Eve, at 10:15pm. Orange you glad I checked for you? 10:15pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: OrangeFactory parking lot on Mill Street Orange, MA, .
First Night Portsmouth, NH
This has Ice sculptures! There’s something neat about creating these works of art that will only be around for a week or so before melting away into memories.This First Night celebration in Portsmouth also has magic, puppet shows, and mentalism! Nice! 4pm-12am. First Night Portsmouth, NHVarious venues Portsmouth, NH, .
End of Year Special Fireworks Display On the Beach!
I wouldn’t normally top-list a festival of arts & crafts vendors. Buuuuut this takes place at a beach, and they’ll have fireworks – other details are sketchy, so if you like surprises, check this out! 8pm. End of Year Special Fireworks Display On the Beach!Hampton Beach Hampton, NH, .
New Year’s Eve at King Pine and Purity Spring Resort
King Pine is having a number of family-oriented New Year’s events including night skiing, tubing, and fireworks. 4pm-9:30pm,. New Year's Eve at King Pine and Purity Spring ResortNew Hampshire Ski Resort, 1251 Eaton Road, Route 153 East Madison, NH, .
New Years at Santa’s Village
Santa’s Village is an amusement park hosting a kids’ party with a DJ and fireworks at 8pm. 4-9pm. New Years at Santa's VillageSanta’s Village Jefferson, NH, .
First Night Wolfeboro, NH
Here’s some good, clean, alcohol free fun, with food, banners, all sorts of illuminations. get tipsy off of holiday cheer and community, and ring in the New Year clear eyed and bushy-tailed. Fireworks at 5pm and midnight! 2pm-12am. First Night Wolfeboro, NH Wolfeboro, NH, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Gunstock Mountain
Fireworks at midnight at Gilford, NH’s Gunstock mountain, in addition to tubing, live music, and skiing. if you ask me, I think skiing and fireworks are the best holiday combo sing Jimmy Stewart and zsu zsu petals, or hickory farms and egg nog. Don’t judge me. Midnight fireworks. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Gunstock MountainGunstock Mountain Gilford, NH, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Waterville Valley
7:30p.m.Fireworks over Corcoran’s Pond at Waterville Valley are great. Also great are the offered dog-sled ride, sleigh ride, ice skating opportunities. If I knew how to ski, I know where I’d be! 7:30pm fireworks. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Waterville ValleyWaterville Valley Resort Waterville Valley, NH, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Cranmore Mountain
The 6:30pm, Cranapalooza fireworks have very little to do with cranberries. Which is good. They’re so tart, even in juice form. Instead Cranapalooza features live music, skiing, tubing, and the aforementioned fireworks. And again, no cranberries. 6:30pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Cranmore MountainCranmore Mountain Conway, NH, .
Cranmore is more than just a ski resort, with a roller-coaster, swings, zip-lines, and a tubing park. Every Saturday through mid-March this ski resort will have events and fireworks. CranapaloozaCranmore Mountain Resort, 1 Skimobile Road, North Conway, NH, .
New Years Rockport Eve
‘New Years Rockport Eve’ is a great pun, and fun festival, too. There’s reggae and several bluegrass music bands, sea shanty singing, puppeteers, and more. 45-minute performances at 15 venues in the downtown area of Rockport. 6pm-midnight. New Years Rockport EveRockport Downtown area Rockport, MA, .
Beverly’s New Year
Here’s another kids oriented New Years Festival, with clowns, a train, and admission to various museums reduced. Seems cool for wee ones who might not be able to make it to Midnight for the real deal. There’s a parade but there don’t seem to be fireworks. 2013:3-7pm. Beverly's New YearMain Street Beverly, MA, .
Wenham Museum’s New Years Countdown
Although it’s meant for kids, you could do worse than see a magic show and sing silly songs, all at a convenient 10am-1pm. That’s AM as in ‘morning’. 🙂 10am. Wenham Museum's New Years CountdownWenham Museum Wenham, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Nashoba Valley
Nashoba Valley’s Events page is stuck in constant load, but I promise you two things: 1) Fireworks at Midnight, and 2) skiing and other winter-wonderland related activities for New Years Eve. If you’re in the area, you can probably see the fireworks from the surrounding area. 12am. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Nashoba ValleyNashoba Valley Ski Area, 79 Powers Road, Westford, MA, .
New Year’s Eve
Dinner at the Hawthorne, A party on a boat house, something called a Gulu ball all make New Years Eve in Salem worth checking out! 6-10pm. New Year's EveHawthorne Hotel Salem, MA, .
Starry Starry Night
Orange has fireworks! And hayrides! And a parade with giant puppets! And it’s named after my favorite Van Gough painting! But no oranges! What gives!. 1pm-12am. Starry Starry NightDowntown Orange, various locations Orange, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Annual Bonfire
Hey it’s a bonfire in Charlestown, RI! Cool! Not much else is known, but there’s nothing quite like glancing into a fire and reflecting upon a year well done. 4:30-7:30pm. New Year's Eve Annual BonfireNinigret Park Charlestown, RI, .
New Year’s Eve Gala at the Ocean House
This black tie affair features gourmet food paid ‘special’ attention by the chefs. I feel all important and junk, so much so I’ll be sure to wear pants and a shirt, along with my black tie. This is pricey, but definitely looks to be worthwhile for a certain kind of clientele. 7:30pm-1am. New Year's Eve Gala at the Ocean HouseOcean House Watch Hill, RI, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: New Bedford
New Year’s Eve Fireworks at 8:30pm in New Bedford, home of the most delicious quahogs in the state, nay, the country, nay, THE WORLD. 8:30pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: New BedfordNew Bedord Center, Elm St New Bedford, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Whitman
Watch Whitman (home to my loving parents), drop a giant toll-house cookie to top ring in the new year, then top off the evening with fireworks! Delicious and exciting. New Year's Eve Fireworks: WhitmanWhitman Center, West St, Whitman, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Westwood
Westwood’s fireworks occur at 7pm SHARP! it even spells SHARP like that on the website, so you know they’re serious. So, arrive early, and bring a stopwatch, then complain on their twitter if they start a little late! 7pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Westwood Westwood, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Party with Fireworks
Ring in the year in high style at a private party with fireworks at the Harbor View Hotel. Tickets are $75, the property is gorgeous, and the menu looks amazing. 8:30pm-1:30am. New Year's Eve Party with FireworksHarbor View Hotel Edgartown, MA, .
City Celebrates! New Year’s Eve, New Bedford, MA
Local restaurants and AHA (not the band that did ‘Take on Me’) combine for a free, delicious, event. Ice carving, fire dancing, magic, and fireworks! Sounds like the perfect South Shore New Years party to me! 2pm-Midnight. City Celebrates! New Year's Eve, New Bedford, MACity Celebrates! New Bedford, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Edgartown
Not much is known about these fireworks, except they are happening at Midnight, and seem to be related to the classy party occurring at the Harbor View Hotel that evening. Check em’ out if you’re in the area! 6pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: EdgartownEdgartown Harbor Edgartown, MA, .
First Night, Jr. at Holyoke
This one’s also for kids, with a carousel, a magician, ice sculptures, juggler, and balloon animals. 10-4pm. First Night, Jr. at HolyokeHolyoke Heritage State Park Holyoke, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Torchlight Parade (Sugarbush Resort)
In addition to being my stripper name, Sugarbush is offering up a dog parade, live music, street performers, a parade of torch-lights, and fireworks. 3pm-12am. New Year's Eve Fireworks and Torchlight Parade (Sugarbush Resort)Sugarbush Resort Warren, VT, .
New Year’s Eve at Okemo Mountain Resort
Wayyyyy down in Okeeemooo, you got Free skate rentals, marshmallow roasting, show-shoeing, games, and fireworks. Two separate parties: One at Jackson Gore from 5pm-9pm and then a dance party at the Roundhouse from 6:30pm-9pm. 5-9pm. New Year's Eve at Okemo Mountain ResortOkemo Mountain Resort Ludlow, VT, .
First Night Burlington, VT
This event has a ‘Cartoon Fest’! Playing classic Looney Tunes! Score! For the more…mature, it also has Bill Mares, a New England public radio ponderer, and a variety of other low-key, arts focused events. Vermont is getting in on the New Years Eve thing, and they’re especially well organized, with 15 arts venues. 12pm-12am. There are two fireworks displays: One at 6pm and one at midnight. First Night Burlington, VTVarious Locations Burlington, VT, .
First Night St. Johnsbury, VT
St. Johnsbury, VT is about as far north as Montpelier. Maybe you could visit and go skiing, too. They’ll have 50 performances, fireworks, and ‘dancing sky lanterns’. Intriguing! 4pm-12am. First Night St. Johnsbury, VTVarious Locations St. Johnsbury, VT, , .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Burlington
Burlington delivers two fireworks shows, one at 6pm and one at midnight, amongst a whole bevy of family friendly and fantastically fun events. 6pm and Midnight. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Burlington Burlington, VT, .
New Years Eve Chili Cookoff
Make New Years Eve a ‘gas’ with this Chili Cook off from various Montpelier Restaurants! Then partake in the Disco Ball drop, and hat making! 1-3:30 pm. New Years Eve Chili CookoffLangdon Street Montpelier, VT, .
First Night Worcester, MA
Worcester has events all day, including, synchronized swimming, ice skating, a parade, live music, and two fireworks shows. 10am-12mn. First Night Worcester, MAVarious Locations Worcester, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Wachusett Mountain
10pm New Year’s Eve fireworks at…Waaaaa…Wachusett! Sorry, I love that song. Anyway, yes, fireworks at 10pm, then a balloon drop at 12midnight. Cool! 10pm. New Year's Eve Fireworks: Wachusett MountainWachusett Mountain Ski Area Princeton, MA, .
New Year’s Eve at Wachusett Mountain
Most ski resorts are having a New Years celebration. The best ones like Wachusett Mountain have fireworks and let you ski at night until midnight! And they have snow tubing, too. There’s a shuttle from the Commuter Rail you can take if you don’t drive, which is nice for those paranoid about having one too many cups of kindness for auld lang syne. 9-12pm. New Year's Eve at Wachusett MountainWachusett Mountain Princeton, MA, .
New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Worcester
You da man, Worcester. TWO fireworks displays at 7pm AND 10pm, so everyone can get where they want to be in time for the New Year. That’s how you do it! New Year's Eve Fireworks: WorcesterBell Pond, Belmont St. Worcester, MA, .
New Years Day
Audubon’s Birds, Audubon’s Words
10am – 9:45pm. Audubon's Birds, Audubon's WordsMuseum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA, .
Wicked Frosty Four Race
There are also a bunch of New Years Day races. Here is one, a great excuse to check out Salem’s many attractions, like where ‘Hocus Pocus’ was filmed! 10am. Wicked Frosty Four RaceStarts at Old Town Hall Salem, MA, .
Hangover Classic (race and polar swim)
This one’s near Newburyport, MA on the North Shore. Sure, let’s both race AND swim in the cold. A doubly-bad idea in theory, and a worse one in practice – but whatever floats your boat! 11:30am @1:30pm. Hangover Classic (race and polar swim)Salisbury Beach Salisbury, MAspan>, .
Rocky Neck New Year’s Plunge
Take a chilly plunge into the water in Gloucester! They haven’t updated their website from last year, but I assume this one’s happening at the same time, and if it’s not, you can just be the crazy guy or gal jumping into the water! You’ll probably get on the news. 2pm (possibly). Rocky Neck New Year's PlungeRocky Neck, Oak Cove Beach Gloucester, MA, .
First Day Hike: Bradley Palmer State Park
For those of you responsible enough to be awake before noon on New Year’s Day, you can check out these TWO Topsfield Hikes, with refreshments and a cool ‘arts and crafts’ mansion awaiting you as a reward! Cool! 10am and 12pm at Bradley State Park and Breakheart reservation, respectively. First Day Hike: Bradley Palmer State ParkBradley Palmer State Park Topsfield, MA, .
Frosty Four New Years Day Race
There are also a bunch of New Years Day races. Here is one, a great excuse to check out Salem’s many attractions, like where ‘Hocus Pocus’ was filmed! 10am. Frosty Four New Years Day RaceStarts at Old Town Hall Salem, MA, .
Penguin Plunge
I used to think for this one they pushed kids with special needs into freezing cold water. ‘Hey Jimmy, let’s go for a dip!’ But it turns out it’s other people who jump, and that raises money to help special needs kids. 10am. Penguin PlungeRoger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett, RI, .
Newport Polar Plunge
Crazy people dive into cold water for charity – and I guess it’s popular because there’s about a half dozen or so throughout the area. Welp, that’s what you get from the town Family Guy takes place in! 12pm. Newport Polar PlungeCharlestown Beach Newport, RI, .
Seawall Splash at Oakland Beach Carousel
Also Rhode Island. Seawall Splash at Oakland Beach CarouselCarousel Beach Warwick, RI, .
Penguin Plunge
10am. I used to think for this one they pushed special needs kids into cold water. ‘Hey Jimmy, let’s go for a dip!’ But it turns out it’s others who jump to raise money to help special needs kids. 2012: 12pm. Penguin PlungeRoger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett, RI, .
Newport Polar Plunge
Crazy people dive into cold water for charity. 12pm. Newport Polar PlungeCharlestown Beach Newport, RI, .
First Day Hike: Felix Neck Sanctuary
I’m amused that this resort town describes its First Day Hike as an ‘easy walk.’ 10:30-11:30am. First Day Hike: Felix Neck SanctuaryFelix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary Edgartown, MA, .
First Day Hike: DAR State Forest
Going for a hike is a great way to sober up on New Years Day. 11am. Meet at the Warming Hut in the day-use parking lot at 10:30am. First Day Hike: DAR State ForestD.A.R. State Forest Goshen, MA, .
L Street Brownies New Year’s Day Swim
Every New Years Day, crazy people go for a swim on New Years. Why not show up and cheer them on? What a way to eliminate a hangover. I list a few more below, as well. 9a registration, 10am swim? L Street Brownies New Year's Day SwimCurley Community Center Boston, MA, .
First Day Hike: Mass. Parks
Get out and get active on New Years Day with these Massachusetts hikes. First Day Hike: Mass. ParksVarious Parks All Over, , .
Joey’s Plunge
Here’s another one in Boston, this time to benefit kids with terminal illness. Crazy people jump into the water. Wow. Joey's Plunge Boston, MA, .
Seafarers Island Holiday
Let’s go for a cruise! 12-4pm. Seafarers Island HolidayRowes Wharf Boston, MA, .
Marx Brother’s Marathon
Ring in the year with some good ol’ fashioned slapstick at the Brattle. Marx Brother's MarathonThe Brattle Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Boston Vegetarian Society New Years Banquets
Skippe 2013. Are vegetarians insane? Not any more so than people who dive into icy water for charity. Maybe it’s the future! Meet some at one of two different meal times. 12:30pm or 3pm. Boston Vegetarian Society New Years BanquetsGrasshopper Arlington, MA, .
New Year’s Ice Skate
Skipped 2013. Lookie! There’s a ton of ice skating with free rinks all over on New Years. New Year's Ice SkateVarious state parks Allston, MA, .
Grand Union Flag Raising
This is interesting! After the American War of Independence, the first American flag was raised in Somerville. Re-enactors will be doing it again! Procession from City Hall at 11:30am then up to Prospect Hill for a ceremony at 12pm. Refreshments. Grand Union Flag RaisingProspect Hill Park Stonington, CT, .
First Day Hike: Nantasket Beach Reservation
Meet at the Mary Jeannette Murray Bathhouse at 12pm. First Day Hike: Nantasket Beach ReservationNantasket Beach Reservation, Route 3 Hull, MA, .
First Day Hike: Shawme Crowell State Forest
Meet at the Pavillion Area at 1pm. First Day Hike: Shawme Crowell State ForestShawme Crowell State Forest Sandwich, MA, .
Lobster Dip at Old Orchard Beach
And also in Maine at the beach. Lobster Dip at Old Orchard Beach Old Orchard Beach, ME, .
New Years Day Kite Fly – Portland, ME
I’ve been to a kite fly. You’ll meet a lot of big hobbyists to show you how to fly properly, and you can get a two-stringed ‘stunt kite’! 12pm. New Years Day Kite Fly - Portland, MENo address given. South Portland, ME, .
First Day Hike: Breakheart Reservation
Meet at the Visitor Center and enjoy free clam chowder, coffee and hot cocoa at 12pm. First Day Hike: Breakheart Reservation Saugus, MA, .
First Day Hike: Walden Pond
Meet at the Thoreau House Replica, come early to see a Living History Program, which will begin at noon and end in time for the hike at 1 p.m. First Day Hike: Walden Pond Concord, MA, .
New Year’s Day 1847 at Walden Pond
Not interested in hiking at Walden? ‘Thoreau’ will be entertaining guests at his one-room house on the pond from 12-1pm. New Year's Day 1847 at Walden Pond Concord, MA, .
Block Island Polar Plunge
Brrr!!! Watch crazy people jump into the icy water for charity. Or be one! 12pm. Block Island Polar PlungeEaston’s Beach, Memorial Boulevard Newport, RI, .
Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra: A New Year’s Eve Spectacular
The Ultra Sonic Rock Orchestra is about as bombastic as you imagine. Bright lights, crazy arrangements of classic rock tunes from Queen, Zeppelin, and many more. 9:30pm. Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra: A New Year's Eve SpectacularRegent Theatre Arlington, 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA, .
Review: Robin Hood
Maid Marion looks to be quite the butt-kicker in this interpretation of the legendary ‘Robin Hood’ story. Click for our review! Review: Robin HoodAmerican Repertory Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Speakeasy Circus
The insane speak easy circus returns with more stunts, more lights, more colors, and more incredible feats! Speakeasy CircusOBERON Cambridge, MA, .
The Slutcracker
Yes. The Slutcracker is a real show. Yes it’s probably what you think it is, combining the classic Nutcracker Suite with burlesque-y things, ribald humor, and zany, over-the-top antics. And of course you want to see it! The SlutcrackerSomerville Theatre Somerville, MA, .
Review: King Henry VIII
This is great, even if for folks who aren’t into Shakespeare. A high energy staging of King Henry VIII via Suffolk University’s ‘Actors Shakespeare project’. Click for our review! Review: King Henry VIIIThe Modern Theatre at Suffolk University Boston, MA, .
Gala New Year’s Eve and First Day Concerts
Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos and his Coffee CantataIf performed on New Years eve by musical virtuosos. I don’t know either of those pieces, but if you do, and classical music is your thing, you’ll want to spend your New Year’s Eve at the Sanders theatre. Gala New Year's Eve and First Day ConcertsSanders Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Check out our review of ‘Working: The Musical’ from the lyric stage! REVIEW: WORKING, A MUSICALThe Lyric Stage, 140 Clarendon Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA, .
Winterfest Hartford
Hartford features free skating and free skate rentals for a month, plus professional skating shows every Friday and Saturday, 6-7pm. (Until recently, this event was known as the Hartford Festival of Light.). Winterfest HartfordBushnell Park Hartford, CT, .
Fantasy of Lights
Another light spectacle to start off the Holiday season. This one is cool because they give you 3-D glasses so you can better appreciate the lights. Fantasy of LightsLighthouse Point Park New Haven, CT, .
Light up the Holidays
Rick Charette and the Bubblegum band performs at this holiday tree lighting. Is his band made of bubblegum? Probably not, but don’t you want to see for yourself? 5:30 pm. Light up the HolidaysPortland’s Downtown District. 549 Congress Street Portland, ME, .
Summit Snowshoe Shuffle
Showshoeing I’ve heard it’s a lot more work than it looks! But fun to watch. Summit Snowshoe ShuffleSugarloaf Carrabassett Valley, ME, .
Lights of Christmas
A monument lighting with another live Navitiy on 11/29 in Vermont. I wonder how you audition for that gig? Lights of ChristmasJoseph Smith Birthplace Memorial Royalton, VT, .
Manchester Merriment
Normally I’d ignore an event so far away, but this time the Santa parade is a tractor parade! Horse and wagon rides, live music. Because it’s 6 weeks long, there is plenty of time to plan a trip there! You can even travel by tractor and get there in time! Manchester MerrimentAll Over Manchester, VT, .
Xmas Lights & Santa Events
 Holiday Light Displays & Santa Events – click map above to set region Mon 12/30 Tue 12/31 Wed 1/1 Thu 1/2 Fri 1/3 Sat 1/4 Sun 1/5
Stone Zoo’s ZoolightsBoston, MA

Daily 5-9pm. ZooLights promises to dazzle visitors of all ages this holiday season. Enter a winter wonderland of tree-lined paths lit by thousands of twinkling lights. Stroll through festively decorated Yukon Creek, home to bald eagles, North American porcupines, reindeer and arctic foxes. Meet Stone Zoo’s reindeer up close during nightly photo opportunities.* Visit with Santa, who awaits your arrival in Santa’s Castle. Jolly Old St. Nick will be available for photos through Dec. 23. After visiting with Santa, enter a magical holiday world filled with fairy tale characters and dancing plush animals.
149 Pond Street, 617-541-5466. more
Holiday Landscapes – The Lights at Gudzevich ResidenceStoneham, MA

It’s a private home but a really expansive lights display, with lights that flash in rhythm to music broadcast over an FM transmitter.
83 Franklin St more
The Sachs Family Light DisplayBellingham, MA

Just a private home, but they play music over FM radio. Tune in to 101.7 FM to “listen!
21 Mann Street, (617) 595-7167. more
Enchanted Village at Jordan’s FurnitureAvon, MA

Free! It’s a 1958 Jordan Marsh display that’s been restored to health by Jordan’s Furniture. Website is unclear for how long the display goes. Santa will be on hand every day; see the website for specific times.
Jordan’s Furniture, 100 Stockwell Dr more
Edaville Railroad’s Christmas Festival of LightsCarver, MA

The biggest and best “holiday lights” display in New England is quite non-religious, with Santa letting kids sit on his lap but also plenty of generic fare like Frosty the Snowman and a tip of the hat to Hannukah. They have a train ride, ferris wheel, carousel, and other rides, with 7 million lights. Tons of fun even for adults! Begins as early as November 22! Whoa. 2012: Mon-Fri 4-9pm, Sat-Sun 2-9pm.
Pine Street, 508-866-8190. more
La Salette Shrine Festival of LightsAttleboro, MA

5-9pm. Very religious: it’s a shrine. But I’ve been and it was nice anyway. Over 300,000 lights covering 10 acres. Trolley rides Fri-Sun.
947 Park Street, 508-222-5410. more
Visit with Santa at Smolak FarmsNorth Andover, MA

Lots of different holiday events throughout the season, from a Roaming Railroad train and hayrides with Santa, to cookie decorating and crafts and a Santa’s workshop. Many family-oriented things to choose from. Tree lighting is November 24th this year. 2012.
Smolak Farms, 315 South Bradford St, 978-682-6332. more
Leicester ChristmasLeicester, MA

Over 50,000 lights and 53 inflatables. Santa is there on Saturdays! Nightly from 4:30pm-9pm.
Waite Street more
Springfield’s Bright Night at Forest ParkSpringfield, MA

Sunday to Thursday- 5pm to 9pm. Friday, Saturday and Holidays- 5pm to 11pm 550,000 lights. Great! 2nd best to Edaville. Check out the Springfield Museums or zoo (open during school holidays in Dec) while you’re there.
Rt 83, 413-733-3800. more
Christmas at the Newport MansionsNewport, RI

2013. The Breakers, The Elms, and Marble House will be decorated in period detail for the holidays and open daily for tours. On Christmas Eve, the last tour begins at 4pm. Houses are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Various locations more
Santa’s Arrival & Holiday ParadeProvidence, RI

9:30am. A parade with Santa and various costumed characters, carolers, photo opportunities, and a holiday gift drive. Free with zoo admission.
1000 Elmwood Avenue, 401-941-4998 ext 316, or 401-785-3510 ext 343. more
Head Family ChristmasRumford, RI

Mon-Thu: 5-9pm, Fri-Sat: 5-9:30pm, Sun: 5- 9pm. Just a private home, but a big one! Collecting donations to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.
Merchant Street more
Gift of Lights at New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayLoudon, NH

4:30pm-9pm daily. Drive more than two miles in your car past 2.5 million lights in 400 displays. Santa’s Village, costumed characters, free s’mores, arctic village.
1122 Route 106 North, 765-664-3918. more
Mousseau and RoyHudson, NH

Just a private home, but a big one! Mon – Sun: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm.
75 Pelham Street more
Christmas Lights at La Salette Shrine & CenterEnfield, NH

Opening weekend Nov 30-Dec 1, 5-9pm. Nightly Dec 6-Dec 31 5-9pm. 45,000 evening lights spread across 30 acres. .
410 NH Route 4A, 603-632-7087. more
Holiday Light FantasiaHartford, CT

You drive through this one. Sun-Thu 5-9pm, Fri-Sat 5-10pm. $12 per car, $25 per limousine… Wait, what? That’s a thing that happens?!
1130 Maple Ave, 860-742-2267. more
Fantasy of LightsNew Haven, CT

Sunday to Thursday- 5:00-9:00 pm, Friday to Saturday- 5:00-10:00 pm.
Light House Point Park, 2 Lighthouse Road, 203-777-2000. more
That House in MilfordMilford, CT

5:00 to 9:30 Sunday through Thursday and 5:00 to 10:00 Friday and Saturday. Also 5:00 to 10:00 on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day.
75 Meadows End Road more
Lincoln LightsOrange, CT

The lights will be on Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-9:30pm, Friday-Saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm and Sunday 5:30 pm-9:30 pm. This year they’ll also be collecting donations for the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
WinterFest at Connecticut Trolley MuseumEast Windsor, CT

Trolley ride through holiday lights, sing-along carols and meet Santa. Friday-Sunday 5-9pm. After December 25th: 6-pm.
58 North Road, 860-627-6540. more
Lights On LovleyPlantsville, CT

Drive up and tune your radio to 96.1FM. Sunday-Thursday 5-10pm and Friday-Saturday 5-11pm.
14 Lovley Dr more
Christmas by the SeaMystic, CT

special holiday tour of the Charles W. Morgan at 11 a.m., learn magic tricks at noon on the 3rd floor of the Stillman Building and a professional magic show at 1 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. in the Greenmanville Church. Stillman Building from 2-3:30 p.m. to create a rope wreath.
Mystic Seaport, 860-572-5365. more
Limington LightsLimington, ME

30,000 lights and an 18ft “Mega Tree.” Nightly from 4:30pm-10pm.
5 Coventry Drive more
Waitsfield’s Grand IlluminationWaitsfield, VT

Begins daily at dusk. The whole town lights up, including the oldest, still-functioning covered bridge in VT.
Townwide more
Rutland Area Christmas and Holiday Lights TourWallingford, VT

A heated bus will take you on a two-hour tour of the area to show you all the best lights. Tours leave Rutland at 4:30, 6:30, and 8:30 each evening in December and are $15 per person. Reservations are necessary.
2788 South Main Street Rt. 7 more
Christmas at the FarmWoodstock, VT

Various events are scattered throughout the month of December, all focusing on Vermont’s 19the century heritage. Think crafts, food, and sleigh rides.
Billings Farm, Route 12 & River Road, 802.457.2355. more