Events INSIDER: April 9-16, 2013

Giveaways & Features
Win: a four-pack of ski tickets at Killington, VT
It’s Spring here in Boston but in Vermont there’s still lots of snow! Email to win tickets to ski at Killington. I’ve been there and it’s a great mountain! Win: a four-pack of ski tickets at Killington, VTKillington Mountain Killington, VT, .
Win: Boston International Film Festival
If you are a great cinema lover, come celebrate the 7th art! I have a pair of VIP passes to give away for opening night, Friday April 12! Email to win. Win: Boston International Film FestivalLoews Theatre Boston Common Boston, MA, .
Win: Bouncers! tickets
I have two tickets for the April 13th show of John Godber’s play ‘Bouncers’, a raunchy comedy with a British accent to say the least. This one’s for people +21. Want to see the show? Send me and e-mail to for a chance to win. Win: Bouncers! ticketsThe Cantab Lounge Cambridge, MA, .
Find 17 New England Regions on Twitter
Hey! I’ve split my Twitter feed into 17 regions so that you can REALLY get just the events close to home, or pick what you like. Please check it out and add me to a ‘Twitter list’ too (google it). Find 17 New England Regions on Twitter All Over, , .
Get the 2013 New England Guide
Mention my website to friends and get my 2013 New England Guide, with 1,200 off-beat destinations including dinosaur footprints, zoos, ziplines, where to go stargazing, and where to find an indoor water park in December! Get the 2013 New England Guide All Over, , .
Johnny’s Picks
National Robotics Week
Maybe, you though you would be having a robot do all your chores by now. It hasn’t happened yet, but it does not mean that robots do not impact our lives, they do! Come and discover how. National Robotics Week All Over, , .
Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day
There’s a day for absolutely everything in the calendar, so why not a free cone day? Ben and Jerry's Free Cone DayBen & Jerry’s All Over, , .
Revere Spring Carnival
The Carnival is here! Attend the Revere Spring Carnival, hop into the Ferris Wheel and eat lots of cotton candy. Because why not? Revere Spring Carnival Revere, MA, .
Human DNA Strand at MIT
Molecules mingle and mangle in a dance of chemistry that now you can join! In this simulation, you get to be a part of a DNA Strand. Let’s get everyone’s attention 12pm. Human DNA Strand at MITKoch Institute at MIT Cambridge, MA, .
Adaptive Skating – Games on Ice!
I think this should be done more often: Adaptive skating’s for people with disabilities and about anybody else who wants to have a good time on ice. 11:30am. Adaptive Skating - Games on Ice!Cronin Ice Rink Revere, MA, .
How we live, what we eat and even the way we seduce and reproduce have changed throughout history. What has made us the way we are today? Expert in Evolution and Behavior Marlene Zuk shares her perspective. PaleofantasyHavard Museum of Natural History Cambridge, MA, .
Cambridge Science Festival
The largest science fest in the US continues and it’s free! Keep reading for my favorite of the dozens of events, or just click through to their website schedule. Cambridge Science FestivalVarious venues Cambridge, MA, .
Big Ideas for Busy People
I’ve been to this and highly recommend it! It’s a series of lectures, like TED but without the pompous admissions requirements. And it’s free! 7:30-9:30pm. Big Ideas for Busy PeopleChurch Cambridge, MA, .
Yuri’s Night with Student Astronomers of Harvard-Radcliffe
Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space, launched by the Soviet Union 50 years ago. We celebrate this ‘giant leap for mankind’ with a party! 7:30-10:30pm. Yuri's Night with Student Astronomers of Harvard-RadcliffeHarvard University Science Center Cambridge, MA, .
Boston Marathon and Post-Race Dance Party
Did you know that there’s an afterparty to the Boston Marathon? And if you get there early you can see the wheelchair racers zip past? I’m not into watching sports myself (I hate sitting idle) but it’s actually really fun rooting on the joggers. It starts in Hopkinton and goes through Wellesley into Boston. Or better yet, check out one of the many historical re-enactments and other events for Patriot’s Day! Boston Marathon and Post-Race Dance PartyCopley Square Boston, MA, .
Larpercalia: Festival of the LARPs
Live roleplaying is like a play but with ‘no audience’ because everyone’s a part of it! This weekend at Brandeis promises to be filled with several LARPs where you can finally play a prince or a murder mystery detective or a unicorn with laser eyes, who knows. Larpercalia: Festival of the LARPsBrandeis University Waltham, MA, .
1812 Battle Stations! At National Historical Park
They fire cannons, they fire muskets, they fire blacksmith ovens, and they sew. That’s right! It’s the men of the marines plus their ‘matrons’, whatever that means. It’s freeeeeeeee and they have multiple dates this summer. 9am-3pm. 1812 Battle Stations! At National Historical ParkBoston National Historical Park Boston, MA, .
Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Theater Spring Showcase & Sidewalk Sale
Fanueil Hall invites a bunch of street performer to try out this weekend in advance of their big festival. You get to come watch! 11am-4pm. Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Theater Spring Showcase & Sidewalk SaleFaneuil Hall, West End Promenade Boston, MA, .
Entertaining Thoughts. Comedy Concert & Puppet Cabaret
This is an adult only puppet show. Ok, it does include a cabaret and some stand up, but they had me at puppets. Entertaining Thoughts. Comedy Concert & Puppet CabaretPuppet Showplace Theatre Brookline, MA, .
Science Carnival & Robot Zoo
Well, besides dragons and dinosaurs, robots hold a pretty amazing spot too. And if you join them together in a zoo, well you will be having maybe too much fun. But it will definitely be worth it. 12pm. Science Carnival & Robot ZooCambridge Public Library Cambridge, MA, .
The Cambridge Science Festival at MIT
Science is a blast! And if you are passionate about it, come to this Scientific Celebration! Just don’t have too much fun! The Cambridge Science Festival at MITAll Around Cambridge, MA,
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A Longfellow impersonator will help the young and not so young learn how to understand poetry better. He must know, he helped spread a fair amount of historic happenins through poetry. 1pm. Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Paul Revere House Boston, MA, .
Hi-Fi-Sci: Music & Science Animation
A free concert! And this one is inspired in music and Science Animation! So exciting! 7:30pm. Hi-Fi-Sci: Music & Science AnimationMIT Museum BUILDING N51 265 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Cambridge, MA, .
Autonomous Battlebots
Create your own deadly robot (just kidding!) and have it fight 7 other death machines in front of a roaring crowd 5:00pm. Autonomous BattlebotsArtisans Asylum Somerville, MA, .
Battle of Lexington Re-enactment and Patriots Day Parades
I love re-enactments! Instead of watching the marathon, how about taking part in the history that made Patriot’s Day a holiday? I list a ton of them below and this one’s my favorite, the battle that began the American Revolutionary War. Crazy people march from 4am-5:45am. Then 2,000 show for the re-enactment in Lexington at 5:30am. Arrive an hour early or bring a stepladder for a good view. Then at a pancake breakfast and a kids parade, Paul Revere’s ride, concerts, etc. and afternoon parade. 5:30am-4pm. Battle of Lexington Re-enactment and Patriots Day ParadesTown Green Lexington, MA, .
Red, White and Blue Kite Day at Blue Hill Observatory
The Blue Hill is the tallest peak within a short drive from Boston. This kite festival’s to celebrate Patriot’s Day. 10am-4pm. Red, White and Blue Kite Day at Blue Hill ObservatoryBlue Hill Observatory Milton, MA, .
Wake Up the Earth Parade Art Workshop
A wake up Earth Parade! It sounds pretty cool, right? 11am. Wake Up the Earth Parade Art WorkshopCentral Library Boston, MA, .
Spring Walk: Growing Up Kennedy
There are still no time machines to take us back in time, but going to the places that marked people’s lives is a good way of understanding what made them how they are. This is a walk through the Kennedy’s neighborhood in Brookline. And of course the guide will tell us all about the pranks young JFK pulled on his parents! Spring Walk: Growing Up KennedyJFK Birthplace Brookline, MA, .
Geek Week Comedy
Embrace your inner geekness while having a good laugh of it! Every single aspect of the Geek culture will be included so you don’t miss out on any joke! Geek Week ComedyCentral Square Cambridge, MA, .
Science and Poetry
Poetry and Science have a lot in common. They do! Ask Pascal if you don’t believe me. But since he’s dead, maybe we could talk to Nick Montfort at this event! 6pm. Science and PoetryMain Library, 449 Broadway, Lecture Hall Cambridge, MA, .
Cabaret Fest
For a whole weekend, you’re the special guest and entertainers from all over the world show their best tricks to make you smile and blush, even. Cabaret FestCrown & Anchor Provincetown, MA, .
Scrabble Boston Area Tournament
Honorificabilitudinitatibus in the longest word in English Shakespeare used in one of his novels, and I certainly hope you aren’t planning to use it on the Boston Area Scrabble Tournament. Scrabble Boston Area TournamentWestford Regency Westford, MA, .
April Vacation Robotics Camp
Build and program your own LEGO robot! So awesome! I hope they let me in too! April Vacation Robotics CampMaine Discovery Museum Bangor, ME, .
12th Annual Kite Day: Autism Awareness Day
1 to 1.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. Learn this and other interesting facts and ways to accept and include people with Autism while flying a kite with people affected by the fastest-growing developmental disability in the country. 12th Annual Kite Day: Autism Awareness DayBose Mt. Framingham, MA, .
The idea of EconoCon is it’s a roleplaying game, board game, and card game convention that’s inexpensive to attend. Game all day, all night, all weekend! EconoConSuite A30 at Plymouth State University Plymouth, NH, .
Lincoln Woodstock Murder Mystery Weekend
Ever wanted to be a detective for a day? Come live the mystery! 10am. Lincoln Woodstock Murder Mystery WeekendPapermill Theatre Lincoln, NH, .
Bat House Making Workshop
Bats are some of the most uncomprehended animals in nature. Actually they are very cute and you can get rid of many insects just by having them around. Come learn how to make the coolest bat house in the neighborhood! 1.30pm. Bat House Making WorkshopPleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Lenox, MA, .
Bag It: Film and Panel Discussion
The truth about plastic waste: Rather than a wonderful story of recycling and reusing, this is a tale of how -little by little- we’re polluting every single corner of our planet. Watch the documentary and stay for the discussion afterwards. Bag It: Film and Panel DiscussionPlimoth Cinema at Plimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
Puppets Around the World
Puppets all day long! There will be a puppet workshop to build your own, a puppet play of an ancient Russian story and Indonesian Shadow Puppets. This is definitely not just for kids. 10am – 5pm. Puppets Around the WorldSpringfield Museum Springfield, MA, .
Weird Lovecraft: H.P. Lovecraft, Weird Tales, and the American Horror Canon
Ever been a fan of a series or book that you wished ended diferently? That’s what fanfiction’s for and expert will be talking about that! Worth hearing and you might even imagine they say something else and maybe even write it down? 8:30pm. Weird Lovecraft: H.P. Lovecraft, Weird Tales, and the American Horror CanonCollege of St. Joseph Rutland, VT, .
Greendale Mall Carnival
Come have a great time at this awesome carnival! There will be rides, delicious food and lots of fun! If you do go, bring me back one of those caramel apples! Greendale Mall CarnivalGreendale Mall Worcester, MA, .
Robin Hood Day
The Higgins Armory is a museum of medeival armor and swords and they are continually having fun events. It’s my favorite Worcester destination, and this week, it is dressed up like Nottingham Castle from the Robin Hood story for a swashbuckling festival. Come dressed in costume! 10am-4pm. Robin Hood DayHiggins Armory Worcester, MA, .
Also Fun
Six Flags New England – Opening Weekend
The spring arrival brings us some of the better things in life: shorts, sunglasses, skirts and of course, theme parks. Six Flags New England - Opening WeekendSix Flags New England, Route 159 – 1623 Main Street Agawam, MA, .
Belmont World Film Festival
International Film Festivals are a great way to see the world through other people’s eyes or lenses, for that matter. Enjoy a new different film, a different world, and a discussion afterwards every Monday from March 11th through April 29th. Belmont World Film FestivalStudio Cinema Belmont, MA, .
Boston Turkish Film Festival
19 films, some of them screened for the first time, and Turkish music are just a part of the 12th anniversary of this now traditional Film Fest. Boston Turkish Film FestivalMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, .
Invent a Mobile with Bernie Zubrowski
I’ve always said it, a museum where you cannot touch anything, might not be interesting enough. However you can forget about that with the Boston’s Children Museum and this touchy-feely interactive exhibition. Invent a Mobile with Bernie ZubrowskiBoston Children’s Museum Boston, MA, .
Tap into Boston’s Water Sustainability Network
Is our usage of water sustainable? Stop guessing and find out! Tap into Boston's Water Sustainability NetworkCollege of Arts and Sciences, Room 522 Boston, MA, .
Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
Life and technology go together like horse and carriage; and luckily there’s people devoting their entire life to lead that carriage into the discovery of the next big thing in the field of medicine and drugs. Hear and know what’s new and what’s coming in biotechnology. Bio-IT World Conference & ExpoWorld Trade Center Boston, MA, .
Nancy Kricorian: All the Light There Was
What would it have been if you were an American in Paris during the Nazi occupation? Come explore this fiction! Nancy Kricorian: All the Light There Was Brookline, MA, .
Best of the Boston 48HFP: The First Ten Years
Very talented people make films in under 48 hours and they compete to win the best film. This has been going on for ten years now and to celebrate it, the very best films rom New England makers will be screened. You might even be an extra on these films and not know it yet. Best of the Boston 48HFP: The First Ten YearsBrattle Theatre Cambridge, MA, .
Aleksandar Hemon reads from The Book of My Lives
It’s always exciting to have an author read their own book. Sometimes they even decide on changes for the next edition, who knows. But you have to be there to see it. Aleksandar Hemon reads from The Book of My LivesHarvard Book Store Cambridge, MA, .
Diane Asso Griliches: Thinking Photography Lecture
Images are SO important right now. Think about it! It must be the one thing you share the most with your social networking friends. The camera does not make the picture better, you do! So come and learn how to improve the pictures you take! 6:30pm. Diane Asso Griliches: Thinking Photography LectureMain Library, 449 Broadway, Lecture Hall Cambridge, MA, .
Outside Sound Boston
The Armory always does a great effort to bring different sounds. This mixed media project will make you see the world through totally different eyes. Outside Sound BostonThe Center for Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Suite 1-A Somerville, MA, .
Specialty Coffee Event
Who said that history and barista competitions can’t mix? Well they can! And they bring out the most interesting drinks you can imagine… Well, it’s all part of the fun of watching those bottles being tossed and turned to commemorate Historic Boston’s anniversary. Specialty Coffee EventBoston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, MA, .
Solar Storm Warning Lecture
This message was erased due to a Solar Flare. Really, it was. And there a lot more things Solar Flares can do! So you better come hear how they can affect you. Solar Storm Warning LectureCharles Hayden Planetarium Boston, MA, .
Defiant Brides of the American Revolution
Behind every great man, there’s a great woman… Nancy Rubin Stuart takes a second look at revolutionary heroes and their brave wives, who had a bigger part in history than just saying ‘I do’. 6pm. Defiant Brides of the American RevolutionMassachusetts Historical Society Boston, MA, .
Documentary: The Central Park Five
Ever been misjudged because of the way you look like? Here’s a documentary about that kind of silly mistakes we make often, but really can affect other people. Documentary: The Central Park FiveSuffolk University Law School Boston, MA, .
Peter Wortsman. Ghost Dance in Berlin: A Rhapsody in Gray
I bet if someone had told Wilde that someday there would be books about ghosts dancing in Berlin, he’d have not believed it. But I’m glad there are, and even more so that the cool author’s willing to read it with us. Peter Wortsman. Ghost Dance in Berlin: A Rhapsody in GrayBrookline Booksmith,279 Harvard St. Brookline, MA, .
Richard J. Samuels discusses 3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan
It’s been 2 years since Japan was swept away by one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. What has changed and what can we learn from this disaster? An expert on the matter solves many of the questions that have since been left unanswered. Richard J. Samuels discusses 3.11: Disaster and Change in JapanHarvard Book Store Cambridge, MA, .
Opening The Dome
The restoration of the Great Dome of MIT’s Engineering Library is finally completed! This is the opening event for both the Dome and the renewed library 2pm. Opening The DomeBarker Engineering Library Cambridge, MA, .
Waltham Food & Wine Festival
Wine tasting and food sampling? Wouldn’t being a gourmet for a day be the coolest job in the world? Well here you can make that little, secret dream of yours happen! Waltham Food & Wine FestivalWaltham Westin Hotel Waltham, MA, .
Boston Startup Job Fair
Well, even if this gathering will happen at the NERD center, it is not for nerds only. It’s for people with a passionate desire to jump start their careers after or during college. Boston Startup Job FairMicrosoft New England R&D Center, One Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA, .
Volunteer Expo
Got free time and want to get involved in local projects? Swing by the Volunteer Expo, where you’ll most likely find a group or cause to join. 5:30-7:30pm. Volunteer ExpoPrudential Center Boston, MA, .
Chefs for the Cure
The state’s finest chefs serve their most delicious plates for you to try, but they’re not doing it to brag about their magnificient culinary skills but to help raise money to fight Breast Cancer. 6pm. Chefs for the CureResidences at W Boston Boston, MA, .
Chinese Heroes of the American Civil War
What do you know of the Chinese Heroes of the American Civil War? If you are surprised I even asked this question, then you must come hear about them! 7pm. Chinese Heroes of the American Civil WarSomerville Public Library, Central Library Somerville, MA, .
Boston Running Film Festival
Well we better run to this film festival, cause it will be celebrating all things runnning. Maybe they’ll even make a cheer when we arrive? It’s worth the shot! Boston Running Film FestivalHynes Convention Center Boston, MA, .
‘You Know I Dislike Slavery’: Lincoln before the Presidency
A letter that President Lincoln wrote to one of his closest friends reveals the first thoughts and anxieties that made this much beloved historical figure lead the movement that abolished slavery in our country. 'You Know I Dislike Slavery': Lincoln before the PresidencyMassachusetts Historical Society Boston, MA, .
SoundScience Fun!
What’s that sound? Explore and understand the magic behind the sound of strings through activities, songs and even little performances. 5:30pm. SoundScience Fun!Museum of Science Boston, MA, .
Being able to star gaze at the city!? That’s nuts! But Boston’s nature center says it is, so come and find out. 8pm. StargazingBoston Nature Center Mattapan, MA, .
Somerville Songwriter Sessions
Ever wanted to write your own songs? Well they say it’s just a matter of just letting go, so do that. A bit harder. Nothing yet? Well, then, come visit some singer-songwriters. I can’t guarantee the inspiration, but certainly a good time we can. Somerville Songwriter SessionsThe Center for Arts at the Armory Somerville, MA, .
Carousel on Boston Common
The carousel on Boston Common is open for the season! The merry-go-round is open Sun-Thu, 11am-6pm, Fri-Sat, 11am-8pm. Carousel on Boston CommonBoston Common near Frog Pond, Tremont St Boston, MA, .
Return of the Swans
The Public Garden has a pond, and the pond has swans. Yes, the Swan Boats, but also real swans named Romeo and Juliet. It’s certainly the best time of the year to visit the Garden. The pond is filled back up, the ducks are back, and the trees are in blossom. Hello, Spring! Return of the SwansPublic Garden Boston, MA, .
Boston Marathon Week
Hmm. So what is going to happen at the museum-wide kick-off in celebration of the science behind the Boston Marathon? I don’t know. Boston Marathon WeekMuseum of Science Boston, MA, .
Captain Jackson’s Colonial Chocolate Shop Grand Opening
In the 1700s, only aristocrats were allowed to eat chocolate in France. But don’t worry, this is not the case at the Colonial Chocolate Shop! 9am. Captain Jackson's Colonial Chocolate Shop Grand OpeningOld North Church Boston, MA, .
Beacon Hill in the Civil War: Walking Tour
What if some experts took you on a historic hike through the Civil War? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? 2pm. Beacon Hill in the Civil War: Walking TourOtis House Boston, MA, .
John Quincy Adams: A Spirit Unconquerable!
Ever pictured an ex president as a stand-up comedian? Well you must come to see Jim Cooke’s one man show! John Quincy Adams: A Spirit Unconquerable!New England Grill Brookline, MA, .
Life in the Nanoworld
What’s Nanotechnology and what are its applications? Come find out while you hang out with our MIT scientists at Life in the Nanoworld. 5:00pm. Life in the NanoworldBuilding N51 at MIT Museum Cambridge, MA, .
April Fools! Seriously Funny Humor Writers at Mount Auburn
This may not be the Dead Poet’s society, but some dead poets will brought back from the grave by remembering their funniest quotes and lines. Oh, did I mention this will be done while walking the old Mount Auburn cemetery? . 11am. April Fools! Seriously Funny Humor Writers at Mount AuburnMount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge, MA, .
Oceans at MIT
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is like a floating island of marine debris in the central North Pacific Ocean, and believe it or not it’s greatly affecting the sea. Learn what’s being done fight this and other ‘monsters’ with the help of ocean specialists. 10:00am. Oceans at MITMIT Museum Cambridge, MA, .
Battle Stations! At National Historical Park
Braze yourselves to relieve one of the most exhiting battles against the Britts! 9am. Battle Stations! At National Historical ParkUSS Constitution Museum, Pier 1 Charlestown, MA, .
Parker’s Revenge Re-enactment
Lots of interesting historic events happened here in New England. That’s why it is not surprise that you will be able to watch the Minute Men as they do another, very exciting re-enactment. 8.30am. Parker's Revenge Re-enactmentLexington Battle Green, Lexington Common Lexington, MA, .
Tower Park Battle
This will be an exhiting battle re-enactment! It will have you at the edge of your chair! 9:30am. Tower Park BattleMunroe Tavern and Tower Park Lexington, MA, .
Boston Toy Show
Toy lovers and collectors! Come see over a 100 years of nostalgia! Boston Toy ShowDedham Holiday Inn Dedham, MA, .
Local is for Lovers: 2.0!
Love cuisine? Then come have a little taste! 11pm. Local is for Lovers: 2.0!The Center for Arts at the Armory Somerville, MA, .
Carnivore Explore during April School Vacation Week!
Come and meet a great variety of carnivores that live at this zoo! Come on, there will be nothing greater for kids on this week! 10:30 am. Carnivore Explore during April School Vacation Week! Boston, MA, .
Experience RevolutionaryBoston at the Old State House
How did people live in the days before the Revolution in Boston? Come and have a look! Experience RevolutionaryBoston at the Old State HouseOld State House Boston, MA, .
Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington
Tim Hetherington, along with Sebastian Junger, created the documental ‘Restrepo’ which showed the cruelty and intensity of the Lybian Civil War. This documentary is about the dangers, ups and downs of being a war photojournalist. Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim HetheringtonJohn F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Boston, MA, .
Music for Food
Music heals the soul of the musician and the listener, but this event goes further: With your help, music will help relief hunger. 8pm. Music for FoodNew England Conservatory Boston, MA, .
Adam Grant discusses Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success
When you are a person striving for success, you certainly wonder, a lot of times, how to achieve it. This author might have a clue. 7pm. Adam Grant discusses Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to SuccessHarvard Book Store Cambridge, MA, .
Artists to Warriors: Celebrating Japanese Art
An interactive workshop thought for everyone with a fascination for Japanese arts. Artists to Warriors: Celebrating Japanese ArtMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston, Avenue of the Arts Boston, MA, .
Take Back the Night
Let’s empower and create more awareness, sexual assault victims unite and speak out. Join your voice with theirs. Take Back the NightSimmons College Residence Campus Boston, MA, .
Above the Din of War: Afghans Speak About Their Lives
A sustainable future is an important thing to worry about, here and in Afghanistan. So come hear how it can be achieved! 7pm. Above the Din of War: Afghans Speak About Their LivesBrookline Booksmith279 Harvard St. Brookline, MA, .
Beowulf – A Thousand Years of Baggage
I love a good old dramatized reading of an epic poem, as long as the author makes it fun, has good reading and does a lot of sounds and expressions. And if you do too, this will be a blast! Beowulf - A Thousand Years of BaggageOberon Cambridge, MA, .
Family Week at the List
This is MIT’s celebration of their very own (and very cool) public art collection. The coolest part is you get to create your own sculpture in the Henry Moore fashion. 11-4pm. Family Week at the ListWeisner Bldg E15 Cambridge, MA, .
Annual Family Day at the Peabody Museum
Come have a family day at the museum! Explore knowledge altogether! 10 am. Annual Family Day at the Peabody MuseumPeabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University Cambridge, MA, .
Civil War Days: Food, Fun & Games
Fun, Food and games for children from 4th to 6th grade! What more could you ask for? They are so hard to please sometimes! Civil War Days: Food, Fun & GamesNevins Memorial Library Methuen, MA, .
Elissa Altman discusses Poor Man’s Feast: A Love Story of Comfort, Desire, and the Art of Simple Cooking
So the great news is tha Elisa Altman will be discussing her great book A Poor Man’s feast, the bad news is that there’ll be no feast. Sorry. Elissa Altman discusses Poor Man's Feast: A Love Story of Comfort, Desire, and the Art of Simple CookingHarvard Book Store Cambridge, MA, .
Daffodil Days at Blithewold Mansion
A host of dancing Daffodils; along the Lake, beneath the trees or better yet, 10,000 daffodils waiting for you at Blitewold – how’s that, Wordsworth? Daffodil Days at Blithewold MansionBlithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum Bristol, RI, .
Miss Gay Massachusetts USofA
Two contests in one night! Miss Gay Massachusetts and Miss Gay New England, all in a queer and fun night. Miss Gay Massachusetts USofAThe Crown & Anchor Provincetown, MA, .
Woods Hole Model Boat Show
This is a great event if you a are a fan of models! Model boats that is… With races, historic ingeneering and more! 9am. Woods Hole Model Boat ShowWoods Hole Historical Museum Woods Hole, MA, .
Defiant Brides: The True Life Account of the Wives of Benedict Arnold and Gen. Henry Knox
If you are a very empowered woman, this is a lecture you can’t miss. Of women just like you, except from different times! Defiant Brides: The True Life Account of the Wives of Benedict Arnold and Gen. Henry KnoxFalmouth Museums on the Green Falmouth, MA, .
Night At The Mughty Merrimack Riverboat Queen
Try your luck on this Casino evening and don’t feel guilty about the money you spend. In fact, the more you spend, the more you’ll help the homeless people of Merrimack! Just don’t tell anyone I encouraged you to play too much Blackjack 6pm. Night At The Mughty Merrimack Riverboat QueenLowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, MA, .
New England Music Awards
New England has to be one of the coolest places ever. Lots of historical sites and re-enactments and also our own Music Awards! New England Music AwardsLowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, MA, .
April Play-Cation
Creating an artwork is something that took many artists a lifetime. But with a little help, it would’ve been much more fun and fast! So come with your family to creater your own and have fun outdoors! April Play-CationDowntown Lowell Lowell, MA, .
Thoreau Rambles
Did you know Thoreau was also a botanist? He collected hundreds of New England plants to create his own herbarium. This walking tour is about his staying near Walden Pond. 11am. Thoreau RamblesWalden Pond State Reservation Concord, MA, .
Lincoln Minute Men Public Lecture
Are you an expert about Lincoln’s men? If yes, this is your chance to put your knowledge to test. If not, this is also a great chance to get to know them better. 7:30pm. Lincoln Minute Men Public LectureBemis Hall, 15 Bedford Road, Box 6353 Lincoln, MA, .
Acton in the Civil War
We have a lot of Civil War re-enactments in New England, which are awesome. But sometimes one cannot help but wonder, what was an ordinary day like to the regular people? Not every one could be Scarlett O’Hara, or were they? Come find out! Acton in the Civil WarActon Memorial Library Acton, MA, .
Opening Day, Garden in the Woods
You must know what the native Flora from New England is, so you don’t end up hurting the wrong flower by accident, right? So come learn all about them! 10am. Opening Day, Garden in the WoodsGarden in the Woods, 180 Hemenway Rd, Framingham, MA, .
Battle Road Event at the Hartwell Tavern historical area
I’m running out of fun and exciting things to say about re-enactments, but it doesn’t make them less interesting to watch. And this will be the biggest one of the year! 9.30am. Battle Road Event at the Hartwell Tavern historical areaMinute Man National Historical Park, Route 2A Lincoln, MA, .
Puppets: ‘Leslie and Lolly Make Stuff Up!’
I’d love to have a sock puppet side kick to rescue you off those ackward moments would be awesome. But a little weird in the adult world, so come see this show and enjoy imagining what it would be like! 2pm. Puppets: 'Leslie and Lolly Make Stuff Up!'Parker Middle School Reading, MA, .
Grow Beans Like Thoreau
Wanna learn everything there is to learn about home gardening? Then join in! Grow Beans Like ThoreauToreau House Replica Concord, MA, .
Hopkinton Festival
This will be a very cool display: a robotic display. Just skip the robot dance please, that has not been cool in many years. 1pm. Hopkinton FestivalCenter of town Hopkinton, MA, .
A Celebration of Colonial Music and Dance
Love history and music with the same intensity? Well, here you will find people who are just like you! 8pm. A Celebration of Colonial Music and DanceLexington Deport, Depot Square Lincoln, MA, .
The Lincoln Salute: A Concert of 18th Century Fife & Drum Music, Alarm & Muster of the Lincoln Minute Men
I never knew Lincoln’s Minute Men were musicians too! The things one can learn theses days! Come hear and enjoy them! The Lincoln Salute: A Concert of 18th Century Fife & Drum Music, Alarm & Muster of the Lincoln Minute MenPierce Park Lincoln, MA, .
Plumfield Fun Week!
Wow! This is for all those Little Women, Louise May Alcott fans! Join her and her sisters for a week of fun! 1pm. Plumfield Fun Week!Orchard House Concord, MA, .
The Civil War (School Days Series)
Definitely, most people love musicals, and even if nobody saw it coming, they can be a great way of learning too. So come hear about the Civil War. 9:30am. The Civil War (School Days Series)The Music Hall Portsmouth, NH, .
Cedar Pond Wildlife
The birds and plants surrounding the Cedar Pond are slowly waking up from a long winter. Bring your binoculars and comfortable shoes. 9-10:30am. Cedar Pond WildlifeCedar Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, Wenham, MA, .
Beverly and the Civil War
Do you know who the Beverly men were and what they did for the Union? Even if so, you should come! 10am. Beverly and the Civil WarThe John Cabot House Beverly, MA, .
Amazing Amphibians
Frog, toads and salamanders are your favorite animals? What a coincidence! This is an event for you! 2pm. Amazing AmphibiansIpswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Topsfield, MA, .
New England Intercollegiate Band Festival
Renowed conductur T. Andre Feagin will be guiding music students from several New England schools into a master piece. You better come and hear this! 2013:7pm. New England Intercollegiate Band FestivalA. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel Wenham, MA, .
New England Biolabs
Walking and bird observation always go together, at least when walking around through nature. Don’t they? Well, come find out right here! 9am. New England BiolabsMass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Direccin: 87 Perkins Row Topsfield, MA, .
Athol-Orange River Rat Race
A thrilling race you certainly do not wanna miss! Unless you really can’t see rats. Athol-Orange River Rat Race Orange, MA, .
Brown University Folk Festival
Okay, this Folk Festival is an all-day music festival that includes a the only (or first ever?) pirate-themed a capella group. 1pm. Brown University Folk FestivalLincoln Field, Brown University Providence, RI, .
Sister Act Musical
The witness of a terrible crime is hidden in a convent by cops. This play is also a musical and has a ‘killer’ review by Broadway critics. Definitely worth checking out. Sister Act MusicalProvidence Performing Arts Center Providence, RI, .
Harbor Seal Walk at Rome Point
Even when they do not have a ball or a show, seals are quite amazing. And funny too! Come watch them in their real enviroment! Where they should be! Harbor Seal Walk at Rome PointJohn H Chafee National Wildlife Refuge North Kingstown, RI, .
Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial Tour
In a six-year period, Ireland’s population was devastated by a potato famine. Too many people died and others flew the country. This event is In Memoriam of this tragical event. 2:30 pm. Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial TourThe Museum of Work & Culture Woonsocket, RI, .
Salamander Search at Fisherville
Outdoors and nature lover? You should come to this lovely Wildlife Refuge. Salamander Search at FishervilleFisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge Exeter, RI, .
Party for the Planet
It was about time someone threw a party for our beloved Planet. Get involved in the green outdoorsy activities that will available in your community. Check the details here. Party for the PlanetRoger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
Forest Awakening at Mays Refuge
Exploring nature is a great thing to do in a free, cool, April day. Don’t forget to bring clothes and shoes that can handdle a good hike! 10am. Forest Awakening at Mays RefugeMaxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge Coventry, RI, .
Sensational Senses at Fisherville Brook
Have you ever used all of your senses to explore nature? Well, children love to explore nature that way! Come let them enjoy the world through their hands, eyes, noses, ears and even tongues! 10am. Sensational Senses at Fisherville BrookFisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge Exeter, RI, .
Vernal Pool Exploration at Fort
Giant puddles?! Awesome! Don’t forget your boots and clothes you can get a bit dirty. 3:30pm. Vernal Pool Exploration at FortFort Nature Refuge North Smithfield, RI, .
Documentary Feature: Shut Up and Look
Who is Richard Artschwager? Well he is the magician behind all other magicians! Come watch and learn about his life! 7pm. Documentary Feature: Shut Up and LookWarwick Museum of Art Warwick, RI, .
The Lincoln Letter
This is a literary journey to the past and into the President Lincoln’s mind to try to understand what drove him to start the Civil War. Was it a noble cause? Did he hide any dark ambitions behind his noble acts? Let author William Martin tell you what he’s found out. The Lincoln LetterMary Jeanette Bathhouse Hull, MA, .
Hands-On Animal Workshop at Nye Barn
If you are a healthy person who likes to eat fresh and organic, you should come to this special farmer’s market. If you love junk food, well, maybe coming and looking around could do you some good too. 2pm. Hands-On Animal Workshop at Nye BarnNye Barn at Plimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
April Kids Week
Too much exciting activities to recount here, all being Colony-themed . Come and have the colonial time of your life! April Kids WeekPilgrim Hall Museum Plymouth, MA, .
Porcupine Hair Headdress @ Honoring a Native American Tradition
Ever thought of wearing a Porcupine as a hat? Neither had I, but it might even be interesting for the next fashion season! Porcupine Hair Headdress @ Honoring a Native American TraditionCraft Center, Plimoth Plantation Plymouth, MA, .
Right Whale Celebration Day
The right whale needs our help to survive. The best way to help this endangered species is learning more about them and preventing any and all activities that lead to its extinction. 10 – 2pm. Right Whale Celebration DayNew Bedford Whaling Museum New Bedford, MA, .
Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival
Film Festivals are always a way to explore the World in somebody else’s eyes Tthis time, the Jewish community’s ones. 15 different films and plenty interesting speakers! Pioneer Valley Jewish Film FestivalAll Around? Springfield, MA, .
Hello is Not a Question: An Andy Warhol Production
Take a peak at some Polaroids, prints and other extraordinary but less known work by socialit, artist and irreverent man Andy Warhol. Hello is Not a Question: An Andy Warhol ProductionMount Holyoke College Art Museum, Lower Lake Road South Hadley, MA, .
Life in Color
World’s Largest Paint Party does not need you to bring your own brush, bring your best dance moves instead!. Life in ColorDCU Center Worcester, MA, .
Earth Day
Monadnock Earth Day Festival
This one is more like it. As well as some panel talks, get outside, take a nature tour, do some nature service projects. How do birds get in through those tiny holes in birdhouses? Monadnock Earth Day FestivalAntioch University Keene, NH, .
Earth Days at Salem State University
Salem State celebrates Earth Day with what seems to be a very serious-minded event, with a career fair, some panels, a tour, and some films. Neat! Earth Days at Salem State UniversitySalem State University Salem, MA, .
Party for the Planet at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Roger Williams Park Zoo will host six days of eco-themed activities starting with an Earth Day celebration. See energy-saving demos and it takes place in an ZOO!! What more do you need? Party for the Planet at the Roger Williams Park ZooRoger Williams Park Zoo Providence, RI, .
Earth Week at Buttonwood Park Zoo
So many Zoos are having great Earth Day Celebrations! The coolest part is all they will be celebrating all week long, so you don’t miss out on any of them. Earth Week at Buttonwood Park ZooButtonwood Park Zoo New Bedford, MA, .
New Bedford Earth Day Parade
This is the only actual parade I found for Earth Day. But will there be giant puppets? I hope so. 5pm. New Bedford Earth Day ParadeCustom House Square New Bedford, MA, .
Earth Week Festival at the EcoTarium
Not my favorite zoo, but they’ll have interactive displays about animal locomotion and see their tree canopy tour to discover what animals live above the ground. Their Earth Day festival April 20 is half off admission! Earth Week Festival at the EcoTariumEcoTarium, 222 Harrington Way, Worcester, MA 01604 Worcester, MA, .
Patriots Day
Paul Revere Pottery
Of course you all girls consider Paul Revere as a sex symbol. No? Well, here’s the works and crafts made by girls who thought of him that way! 1pm. Paul Revere PotteryPaul Revere House Boston, MA, .
Paul Revere Row
Paul Revere rides horses but did you know that he rows? Jesus, this guy practically ran a triathalon for American freedom. This rowing event (I think?) begins on Pier 1 in Boston and ends up at the USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown. 7pm. Paul Revere RowUSS Constitution Museum, Charlestown Navy Yard, Building 22 Charlestown, MA, .
Roxbury Patriots’ Day
Did you know that revolutionaries besides Paul Revere knew how to ride a horse and shout? Come hear about William Dawes. They’ll have a FREE pancake breakfast and a historical trolley tour. 10am. Roxbury Patriots' DayChurch Boston, MA, .
Paul Revere Ride Re-enactment
Here’s Paul Revere riding a horse. So, what is this event, exactly? I mean, I know that you stand there and Paul Revere rides by, but does he stop and give a speech? Is there music or food? 10am-1pm. Paul Revere Ride Re-enactmentHanover Street Boston, MA, .
Lexington Battle Reenactment and Parade & Commemoration of the North Bridge Fight, and Concord Parade
You have a lot of day to enjoy when you wake up at 5:30 am to watch a re-enactment! That way you won’t miss any of the others. Come on, is just on Patriot’s day we do the effort. 2013. Lexington Battle Reenactment and Parade & Commemoration of the North Bridge Fight, and Concord ParadeLexington Green / North Bridge, Concord Lexington, MA, .
Patriot’s Day Handbell Concert
While you are there, definitely check out the handbell festival! There are two: the dress rehearsal and then the actual concert on Patriot’s Day. Patriot's Day Handbell ConcertHancock Church on Lexington Green Lexington, MA, .
From North Square to Old North Church: A Paul Revere Walking Tour
This will be a great walk about our favorite midnight riders of all time! 2pm. From North Square to Old North Church: A Paul Revere Walking TourThe Paul Revere House Boston, MA, .
Patriot’s Day at Minute Man NHP – Battle Road
Lexington and nearby towns are doing a ton of re-enactments all week. I’ve been and they’re really fantastic and such a fun way to learn history. Please check these mock combats! Highly recommended! 9.30am. Patriot's Day at Minute Man NHP - Battle RoadHartwell Tavern, Captain William Smith House Lincoln, MA, .
Acton Patriots Day Celebration
Acton will have a ‘Patriot’s Day Trolley’ to take you to three local museums: Hosmer House, the Jones Tavern and the Faulkner Homestead. They’ll have re-enactors and 18th century demonstrations and entertainment. Sweet! 1-4pm. Acton Patriots Day CelebrationActon’s Town Hall Acton, MA, .
Concord Patriot’s Day Parade
Concord is holding a variety of events too, including an entire parade that begins at 9am. Who’s awake on a weekend at 9am? Concord Patriot's Day ParadeConcord Armory, Stow St at Everett St Concord, MA, .
Concord Museum’s Patriots’ Day
The Concord Museum also celebrates Patriot’s Day with several activities for people all ages and an amusing collection of treasures from the days when our ancestors fought for this land of the free and the brave. Concord Museum's Patriots' DayConcord Museum Concord, MA, .
Patriots Day Open House at the Old Manse
This historic home will celebrate Patriot’s Day with free admission. Are you guys doing anything else special? 8am-5pm. Patriots Day Open House at the Old ManseThe Old Manse Concord, MA, .
Patriots’ Day Revolutionary Muster and Parade
Deerfield is historic in the sense that any place that people have lived is historic, because — hey! — people have lived there. But lived they did, and you’ll find 11 old-timey historic home museums. For Patriots Day, they’ll have a parade, and a minuteman gathering, with live music and drums. 10am-4pm. Patriots' Day Revolutionary Muster and ParadeVisitor Center at Hall Tavern Deerfield, MA, .
Patriots Day at Old Sturbridge Village
My favorite re-enactment museum, Old Sturbridge Village, has re-enactments all year, but this weekend they focus on musket demonstrations and marching and drilling with the Militia. If you haven’t been, this would be a FANTASTIC time to go, and they have kids activities all week, too, because of school break. Patriots Day at Old Sturbridge VillageTown Common, Main Street Sturbridge, MA, .
Bash Reading Series
Great poets are coming, and I’m sure they have a couple of verses for you! Bash Reading SeriesBrookline Booksmith,279 Harvard St. Brookline, MA, .
Songs of the Civil War
If you know any of the songs of the Civil War, you should come along and sing them. And if you don’t… well it’s a good time to come and learn some! It’ll be fun, musical and very historically accurate! Songs of the Civil WarVarious locations All Over, , .
By the Way, Meet Vera Stark
A play about Hollywood’s racial stereotypes. Take it with a pinch of salt. By the Way, Meet Vera StarkThe Lyric Stage Boston, MA, .
Paa Seck Diery Band show
Sounds and music from Senegal, brought to you by African dancer, drummer, singer, musician, and teacher Paa Seck Diery. Paa Seck Diery Band showJohnny D’s Somerville, MA, .
Donal Fox and Maya Beiser (Piazzolla to Bach)
Improv is not an art that everyone can do, or is it? Even if it is, it’s quite more impresive when done in music. And it’s definitely something worth seeing and hearing. I won’t recommend in first row because actually you’ll watch anything better in the center part of the seats. Donal Fox and Maya Beiser (Piazzolla to Bach)The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA, .
Surly Girl, Ascending and Descending
Anne Frank told a story about her days during WWII, but she spent most of the time alone. What was life like for families during those hard times? This play let’s you see and feel what people had to face everyday during that terrible time, even outside of the Camps. 8:00pm. Surly Girl, Ascending and DescendingMulticultural Arts Center Cambridge, MA, .
She Kills Monsters
This will be the premiere of the story of a girl who kills monsters. Come watch Qui Nguyen’s beautiful imagery. She Kills MonstersBoston Center for the Arts Boston, MA, .
Smile Swamp Princess: A Rock Opera
A swamp might be the last place I ever pictured a princess in, but it seems these composers and creators are getting ahead of our times with this extraordinary creation! Smile Swamp Princess: A Rock OperaCafe 939 Boston, MA, .
Lexington Symphony Explores Third Stream Fusion: Classical/Jazz
Bernstein and Gershwin will be together on this night, at least in composition. You must come and hear this! You’ll be amazed. Lexington Symphony Explores Third Stream Fusion: Classical/JazzCary Memorial Hall Lexington, MA, .
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau
If you’ve never been to a mandolin concert, then you have to come to this event! 7:30pm. Chris Thile & Brad MehldauBerklee Performance Center Boston, MA, .
Boston Youth Symphony Spring Concert
Boston Youth Orchestra is having a concert. That should be a good enough reason to come! They are amazing! Boston Youth Symphony Spring ConcertNEC’s Jordan Hall Boston, MA, .
Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Competitions, regionals
A capella only gets better when they bring in the best groups for a competition. 2pm. Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Competitions, regionalsTufts University’s Cohen Auditorium Medford, MA, .
Poets Panel with Word Tech Communications
So, not sure of many of you knew this, but this is National Poetry Month and some poets will be having a feast to celebrate! 6pm. Poets Panel with Word Tech CommunicationsCentral Library Boston, MA, .
Eth-Noh-Tec: Asian Treasure Bag
The best way to know a region is by its traditions and stories. This event takes you through the various cultures of Asia through folktale performances, music and storytelling. 10:30 am. Eth-Noh-Tec: Asian Treasure BagJohn F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Boston, MA, .
Opera at the Arsenal: Arias and Anecdotes
An evening of fantastic opera interpretations orchestrated by Mezzo-soprano Luretta Bybee, chair of the New England Conservatory Vocal Arts Dept. Opera at the Arsenal: Arias and AnecdotesArsenal Center for the Arts Watertown, MA, .
John Murelle Sings ‘The Songs Of Duke Ellington’
Wanna go on a sentimental journey? Come hear John Murelle’s superb voice! 3pm. John Murelle Sings 'The Songs Of Duke Ellington'Blithewold Mansion Gardens & Arboretum Bristol, RI, .
Roving Eye Film Festival
This festival specializes in short films and international works. This 8th edition focuses on the Holocaust and Japanese films. Roving Eye Film FestivalRoger Williams University Bristol, RI, .
Chocolate Festival and The Great Provincetown Chocolate Scavenger Hunt
Two words: Chocolate Festival. But hey, if you need more there’ll also be a chocolate scavenger hunt. 11-5pm. Chocolate Festival and The Great Provincetown Chocolate Scavenger HuntThe Purple Feather Provincetown, MA, .
Hartford Jewish Film Festival
This festival features creations of Jewish New Englanders and portraits several aspects of the Jewish community, now and throughout history. Hartford Jewish Film FestivalVarious venues Hartford, CT, .
April in Paris Film Festival
A week of films la franaise, for the francophiles and those who hold a platonic romance with the city of love: Paris. April in Paris Film FestivalCinestudio Hartford, CT, .
Mark Twain and Artemus Ward, the Man Who Made Lincoln Laugh with John Pascal
Ever heard of John Pascal? He is so funny! He made me laugh so hard… said president Lincoln one day. And in this event you’ll figure out why! 5:30. Mark Twain and Artemus Ward, the Man Who Made Lincoln Laugh with John PascalThe Mark Twain House & Museum Hartford, CT, .
Free screening of the Civil War Film, Shenandoah
Classic films lovers only, CCU will be having a screening of a great American Film: Shenadoah. In case you don’t know what that means, well you should then come! 2pm. Free screening of the Civil War Film, ShenandoahTorp Theatre at Central Connecticut State University New Britain, CT, .
Duke Balfar’s Challenge
These teams may not be slaying dragons, the only thing cooler than dinosaurs, but they will be fighting each other with the honorable and ancient martial arts of fencing and arching. Tis most exciting! 10am. Duke Balfar's ChallengeMountain MIst Outdoor Center Meriden, CT, .
Reptile Week at Mystic Aquarium
What is a mystic acquarium and why had I never been invited? Sounds like all the cool people are gonna be there. Reptile Week at Mystic AquariumMystic Aquarium Mystic, CT, .
Arunah Hill Stargazing
Stargazing’s never the same after experiencing what it feels like to do it with a telescope. Come and give it a try! dusk-11pm. Arunah Hill StargazingTrustees of Reservations: Notchview Windsor, CT, .
Concert for Conservation to Benefit DPNCAt the Union Baptist Church in Mystic
Earth Week should be the greatest celebration ever! I mean, everyone is invited! Concert for Conservation to Benefit DPNCAt the Union Baptist Church in MysticUnion Baptist Church Mystic, CT, .
Cherry Blossom Festival
They’ll have 27 cherry trees and the ubiquitious face-painting, food, and vendors. Their live music draws 700 people. With an indoor concert Friday evening. Rain date next week. 12pm. Cherry Blossom FestivalWooster Square Park New Haven, CT, .
Earth Week at The Dinosaur Place
This is one of the coolest free events! Cause it will have dinosaurs in it! Earth Week at The Dinosaur PlaceThe Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Oakdale, CT, .
Cherry Blossom Festival
Commemorate the historic plantation of the Cherry Blossom Trees with jazz, opera, and activities for all the family. And you can bring your pets too! 7:30pm. Cherry Blossom FestivalSt Michael’s Church on the Park, Wooster Place New Haven, CT, .
Film Screening with Director Chris Eyre: Native American Film Series
Native american filmmakers and artists have an exquisite and rich way of seeing life, and Chris Eyre’s might be the very best contemporary example of this. 7-10pm. Film Screening with Director Chris Eyre: Native American Film SeriesBowdoin College Visual Arts Center Brunswick, ME, .
Compass Points: Art, Science and the Arctic
Art and science don’t mix, do they? Well I am not sure, have you asked Pascal? Ok, maybe that is not possible, but here you can ask Barbara Putman, a scientist and artist. Compass Points: Art, Science and the ArcticBeam Classroom Visual Arts Center at Bodowin College Brunswick, ME, .
Things That Matter: How Inuit Artists Create Meaning
Symbolism, creation and art. They seem pretty tied up together, don’t they? Well the creation of meaning is a bit more complex than that. And watching the Inuit has taught us that. Things That Matter: How Inuit Artists Create MeaningKresge Auditorium Visual Arts Center at Bodowin College Brunswick, ME, .
Symposium: Collaborative Organizations and Social Media
This is something that all you people who can’t be off FB and TW should not miss. Social Networking has definitely changed your life. A few years ago if someone didn’t answer the phone you would just call later. Now, if they don’t answer immediatly a text you freak out and think they hate you. If this is your case, maybe you should come. Symposium: Collaborative Organizations and Social MediaLancaster Lounge at Bodowin College Brunswick, ME, .
Ogunquit Patriots Day Celebration
This one’s got re-enactment on the Continental Congress that wrote the constitution! Also a crafts fair, a kids’ carnival, and fife & drum. 9am-10pm. Ogunquit Patriots Day Celebration Ogunquit, ME, .
BATH 100th Anniversary Open House and Tea
Were you honestly thinking of coming to New England and not having some tea? Well, you should take this chance! They are celebrating a 100 years of tea! 2pm. BATH 100th Anniversary Open House and TeaCosmopolitan Club of Bath Bath, ME, .
Safari Spring Camp
A Safari day camp sounds way too fun for all of those k-5 kids. So you better bring yours before there are no places left! 9am. Safari Spring CampOdiorne Point State Park Rye, NH, .
Robot Exhibition
Robots that can climb stairs! Whoa, now I just need one that can do my laundry. In the meantime, it’s definitely worth checking out all the cool robots that will be presented in this awesome exhibition at the University of Vermont. Robot ExhibitionUniversity of Vermont Burlington, VT, .
The Vermont Civil War Songbook
Oh, epistolar romances aren’t what they used to be. E-mails can be easily deleted, but most love letters remain intact for decades. These are a few that were written during the Civil War, sung and read by damsel Linda Radtke. The Vermont Civil War SongbookSullivan Museum and History Center Northfield, VT, .
Yoga & Meditation for Knitters
Come and give yourself a stretch into relaxation. You deserve it, this way you’ll be able to start the week with an awesome mood!10am. Yoga & Meditation for KnittersNorth End Studio B Burlington, VT, .