Edgar Allan Poe, Burning Man comes to New England


Once in a while I do an update in-between weekly posts when something important is coming up!

  • I’ve got a free ticket to see the Edgar Allan Poe re-enactor event tomorrow, Thursday, at Concord at the Old Manse. This is a truly original concept that I’ve never seen before. The show is at 7pm but they have house tours if you are able to arrive early. Email me to win, especially if you want to offer me a ride! (But I do have a backup way to get there.)
  • In this week’s blog, I forgot to mention Wildfire, which seems to be some kind of artists retreat sort of like Burning Man but not too far from Boston. It’s in Ashford, CT.
  • There’s a big all-weekend re-enactment in Hillsboro, NH.
  • My friends at Lifted are #1 on Virgin’s nationwide talent search. Please vote daily for the band and keep them going! I’ll give away Canobie Lake Park tickets or Tomb tickets to those who write me with good promotional stories, such as “I made all my friends vote!”

I hope you’re making the most of the summer. Especially in New England, you’ll regret it if you miss the warm weather festivals that will be gone in a few weeks!