Cirque of the Dead – Ghost, acrobats and the 80s – 5 Stars

Cirque of the Dead – Ghost, acrobats and the 80s – 5 Stars

In the guise of a paranormal podcast, this year’s Cirque of the Dead brings topical and timeless themes to a circus full of exciting performances.  A thinly veiled story surrounds the show in which a group of podcasters explore the haunted history of the Somerville Armory.  The Armory has become a new home for many artists since it re-opened more than a decade ago.  However, in its past it housed a National Guard Armory in which real soldiers practiced war drills.  Surely there are a few bats in the belfry. skeletons in the closet and ghosts rattling a few chains about.  In a playful manner, our hosts begin their podcast only to be possessed by the spirits trapped within the very building they now occupy. 

The Armory itself is a super unique place.  As mentioned, it is a converted National Guard Armory that has become an Art Center right in the middle of Somerville.  It has a large great hall for performances and events which is perfect for such shows.  From the outside, the building looks like an intimidating medieval fortress.  One would suspect it is a haunted castle simply by driving by.  Once inside, its role as an art center is obvious.  Numerous message boards showcase the community’s many events.  Just inside the main entrance is the Rooted Café where one can grab lunch and coffee or even an adult beverage before a show begins. 

Back to the show.  Once our podcast host discovers a haunted doll, evil spirits begin to possess the various participants and ghosts begin to appear.  Of course, such possession inevitable leads to acts of acrobatics as the ghosts take to the trapeze for marvelous arial acts.

And so goes the show.  Crew members succumb to the madness, and we witness their possession.  Contortionists, silk aerialists and more ply their amazing skills before us.  One spirit rolls about the stage upon a giant wheel.  Another ghost channels the 80s – the time in which they met their demise by playing tunes on a boom box before taking to the air. 

There are numerous parody music numbers that the audience is encouraged to sing along to, much like a giant karaoke night.  The lyrics are displayed on the screen over the stage so you can join in the fun. 

It should be noted that much of the show is standing room only.  VIP tickets with seats on the balcony are available.  And the Armory is handicapped accessible.  Although you have no assigned seats, this is a feature.  You can move about the room and view the different acts that take place on numerous stages.  Or if you remain more stationary, the acts are sure to come close by as they wade through the audience just to get the performance areas.

Cirque of the dead also has a costume contest, so be sure to dress up.  They ask that you take a selfie and post it to their Instagram to be considered for the contest.  It’s a great way to get the word out that you are at the show for certain.

The show is billed for adults only.  And adult beverages are served at two bars at the venue.  However, it is not quite rated R.  But perhaps maybe PG-13.  So, it might be fine for older teens should you want to bring them. 

If you want a fun Halloween show with some amazing acts of acrobatics, then head to the Somerville Armory for Cirque of Dead!

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