My Son the Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy

My Son the Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy – Written and Performed by Brad Zimmerman;
Produced by Philip Roger Roy and Dana Matthow; Presented by the Regency Theater, 7 Medford St, Arlington, MA through May 25th

Brad Zimmerman is one of those comics that falls under the “Rule of Fame” in comedy. Although he has opened for some of the biggest names in the business, including George Carlin and Joan Rivers, he has never achieved a high level of fame himself. The “Rule of Fame” is that there are a number of comedians that are considered famous only among other comedians, but are not household names like Jerry Seinfeld or Dane Cook, so you may never hear of them. You would have to be fortunate enough to stumble upon them by accident in a late night New York comedy club. And even then, you may not remember their name while an open-mic comedian you will also never hear of is standing on the sidelines hoping for them to die so they can have their paid spots around town.