Apr 13-21 Boston Events: Free Food, MythBusters, & Dance. Iron Pour, Shakespeare Parade, Patriot’s Day re-enactments, Earth Day, SCRABBLE, Robots & Sharks, Oh my!

Welcome to the Week in Weird! Lots of free stuff to give out this week. Email me at johnny@weirdbostonevents.org. I’m going to let go the Pepsi challenge thing. There are too many groups with “captive audiences” like schools and prisons out there that can basically “make” their members vote daily. Thanks to those of you who voted! And I will continue to write about local attractions, I promise, in every week’s blog. Here are this week’s top items, and

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Opening Day for Mumbai Chopstix 4/13 Boston Metro Weird Boston Events, by Johnny Monsarrat
TONIGHT! FREE! From 6-9pm there will be a celebration at Mumbai Chopstix, with free food and drink. It’s a new restaurant opening at 254 Newbury Street, Boston. I was just there last night! It’s upscale and brightly lit, with plenty of room for social mixing and a huge communal table featuring spices under glass. Their cuisine is completely original in my experience: Indian Chinese food, and comes from the same people who brought you Diva in Davis Square, Bukhara, Mantra, Mela, and Cafe of India. I didn’t sample much of the food, but I can vouch for it’s uniqueness. What other place would mix broccoli and meatballs in with General Gao’s style fried chicken? Or serve you tandoori spring rolls? I’d write more but I was expecting to research their website, and they have none. Well, go and please mention Johnny’s List! :).
254 Newbury Street, Boston, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
The Ego and the Oracle 4/15 Boston Metro Weird Boston Events, by Johnny Monsarrat
Also Free! I have three tickets to give away from The Ego and the Oracle. It’s a musical performance where they take personal questions from the audience, spin a wheel that divines “the answer”, and then improvise a song to match. It sounds good but you should avoid looking at their website — a tasteless joke is there which I think they regret. It sounds good, and I’m going to go and report on it for you.
Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
MythBusters 4/16 Boston Metro Weird Boston Events, by Johnny Monsarrat
I also have one free ticket to see MythBusters. It’s Friday at 8pm. They’re the TV show that debunks superstitious beliefs and promotes the humanist (i.e. secular, i.e. atheist) mindset. Tix from Hvd Box Office. They’ll receive an award for humanism, and do a talk and a demonstration.
Memorial Church, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater 4/15 – 4/18 Boston Metro Weird Boston Events, by Johnny Monsarrat
Also one ticket to give away (for Sunday afternoon)! I’ve heard that if you want to see dance, you should see Alvin Ailey. Fortunately, they come to Boston every month and I have ONE ticket to give away to this show. They have roots in the African-American dance experience of New York in the 1950s.
Citi Wang Theatre, Boston, MA. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
Spring Iron Pour – Molten Metal Showers, Fire-spinning 4/16 Boston Metro Weird Boston Events, by Johnny Monsarrat
Also free!! You really have to see this! I went to “Iron Pour” in October. Students in the metal department have toiled all semester to craft molds. Well, now they pour molten iron into those molds, and onto statues of hay and wood. Smoke and steam and fire and hissing sparks result!! And they’ll have live music, fire-spinners, and intense everything. ONE OF THE BEST WEIRD EVENTS OF THE YEAR. 7-11pm, but last year things didn’t really get going until 9pm.
MassArt Courtyard, Boston, MA.617 879 7020. see details on the complete Johnny’s List
see details on the complete Johnny’s List
The Harvard Square Bookish Ball 4/17 Boston Metro
The free continues. This year’s Bookish Ball in Harvard Square is a birthday celebration of William Shakespeare, with a parade starting at 12pm from City Hall in Central Square and going to Harvard Square. They encourage everyone to dress and bring banners in Yellow and Black. Then there will be a party, 1-5pm, in Winthrop Park at the corner of Winthrop & JFK Streets, with kids stuff, Shakespeare Trivia, and a booth for “Shakespearean Insults”, live music, performance, and a group reading of the “Balcony Scene” from Romeo & Juliet, which is supposed to go up on YouTube as part of a worldwide challenge. At 3pm, 75 minutes of NON-STOP Shakespeare scenes at John Harvard’s. The Peabody Museum will have a scavenger hunt and other activities with a Mayan theme. Sounds amazing!
Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA.
And a lot more this week at the Complete Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events, including:

Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy, Scrabble Boston Area Tournament, FestEvil: Festival of the LARPs, University of Hartford’s Community Day, Battle of Lexington Re-enactment & Patriots Day Parades, Handbell Festival on Patriots Day, Battle Road and Patriot’s Day Events at Minute Man Park, Arrival of the Sudbury Militia, Patriot’s Ball and other Concord events, Patriots Day Brunch and Community Read of Paul Revere’s Ride, Commemoration of the North Bridge Fight, Arlington’s Patriot’s Day Parade, Acton Patriots Day Celebration, Roxbury Patriots’ Day, Paul Revere Ride re-enactment, Patriot’s Day Celebration in Somerville, Patriot’s Day Kite Fly @ Blue Hills in Milton, Patriots Day in Boston, Boston Marathon, Post-Race Dance Party, Earth Day, Earth day @ Franklin Park Zoo, Greater Newburyport Earth Day Celebration, Earth Day @ Salem State College, Earth Day Festival in Lowell, Sustainable Living Festival, Earth Day 5K Race, Lecture @ Suffolk – Earth Day, Free Guided Tours, Bedford Spring Carnival, Weymouth Carnival, Nashua Carnival, Revere Spring Carnival, Chelmsford Crossings Kite Show, National Robotics Week, Shark Week, Barcamp, Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performers Audition Performances, Extravaganja, Independent Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, The Big Mouthoff — StorySlam championships, Beeline Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Volunteer Expo, Trash Springs to Life!, Michael Maglaras and the Song of Hiawatha, Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World, Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm, World-class Bicycle Park is open in New Hampshire, Newton / Needham Restaurant Week, El Pelon Taqueria, An Evening with Champions Ice Show (annual), Big Apple Circus, Rogue Burlesque, On This Moon, Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Competitions, regionals, and more.

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